Trump on Meet The Press: Still Sliding By

donald trump was the subject of a lengthly interview on Meet the Press this morning, but as with all other questioners meeting with trump since his entry into the 2016 presidential race, Chuck Todd generally failed to ask the tough questions or to follow up after outrageous, absurd responses from trump.

When asked about abortion, trump did say he supports exceptions for the all-inclusive ban under any and all circumstances that has become the single number one position of importance to virtually every gop office seeker. However, while he said he supports exceptions for rape, incest, and the impending death of the mother, he made light of another needed exception, the health of the mother being jeopardized by pregnancy. He sees no middle ground, death or no exception, and was unwilling to attempt to understand or accept the possibility that a serious health problem could exist with serious and debilitating and potentially life-changing non-fatal effects; that does not matter unless

death would be imminent. In fact, he made a joke in the poorest of taste, saying in effect, “get a cold, then get an abortion”. Todd did not follow up on the absurdity of such a statement or even attempt to enlighten trump of the existence of serious health problems that could be caused or worsened by pregnancy, that would not result in death.

When the subject of Planned Parenthood came up, trump said that while their figures show that 3% of their actives relate to abortion, others have said it was 85%. Todd failed totally to question trump on where he received such an outrageous and utterly preposterous figure. For the record, years of documented records submitted to the IRS and state taxing agencies to retain their non-profit status demonstrate conclusively the accuracy of the 3% figure.

trump’s true ignorance and egotism came out early in the interview when Todd asked him where he received his advice and intelligence on military issues, and he said from television. Todd did press him a bit further, and trump named two or three actual, live people for whom he said he had respect in rendering military-related information and advice, but one of them was the all-time buffoon of the bush administration, John Bolton, about whom george w bush was to later admit to a group of reporters, was not credible.

When asked about ISIS and Iraq, trump unveiled another ridiculous plan for the US to send ground troops back into Iraq to defeat ISIS and steal Iraqi oil. He says he would use the profits from the oil to pay benefits to soldiers wounded and to the families of soldiers killed in Iraq. He totally failed to mention how this would be accomplished, with 25,000-30,000 troops, and quickly, when 100,000+ troops under bush could not accomplish it over a decade of fighting. Todd seemed to be rolling his eyes at the idea, but failed to press trump at all on the reality of the “plan”

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Todd was more interested in asking trump why he always seemed to work his having attended the Wharton School into conversations. That’s what Todd considers important.

Another broad, partisan, and absurd statement made by trump that went totally unchallenged by Todd was trump stating that President Obama has “really let Israel down”. No challenge, no follow up as to specifics, let alone proof, and no defense of the Iran deal that will protect Israel and the rest of the world for decades to come.

Todd did follow up, sort of, with questions relating to numerous trump statements so outrageously alleging that the
US is poorly thought of around the world (Of course he has not consulted world leaders who so widely acknowledge the amazing recovery in prestige, veracity, reliability, credibility and honesty that the US has made under Obam as compared to the ugly days of lying incompetent war monger george w bush) and is no longer “great”. What Todd asked was just when trump thought that America was last “great”, and of course he said during the reagan administration. But, Todd was prepared for this, and quoted trump as saying back then that “The world is laughing at America’s politicians”.

Time and time again trump demonstrated his lack of any real fundamental knowledge of government or of the world, when he said such things as US Ambassadors to foreign countries are the “primary negotiators” with those countries (meant as a criticism of Caroline Kennedy, US Ambassador to Japan, and to Pres. Obama who appointed her), and that how the Mexican economy was far superior to ours – “Mexico is killing us”. There, Todd did throw out a few facts to try to show trump the absurdity of such a statement.

Of course there was no mention of either the scam of Trump University or of the US Department of Justice complaints against trump for racial discrimination in housing.

Here is the interview, judge it for yourself:

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