Sorry, But Anti-Semite Kayla Mueller is No Hero!

As international media propaganda overwhelms the airwaves and internet, President Obama has joined with right-wing imperialists and misguided Democrats to ram through Congress a new war authorization bill that, for all the wrong and absurd reasons, assures the US of entry into yet another decades-long ground war in the middle east. This is, regrettably, a popular path to follow, due to the selective “news” fed to a misinformed public.

The US public is outraged by what is seen in the news, as various organizations referred to at times as ISIS, at times as ISIL, and at times as Da’esh, post videos of their captives being mercilessly executed, usually through beheading. But, at the same time, our good friends the Saudis engage in a constant use of beheading, day after day. Yes, the Saudis, whose leaders and oligarchs received immediate protection and international transportation from george w bush following 9-11 while US citizens were frozen in terror

as all other air travel was suspended, and yes the Saudis who own the second largest stake in fox fixed news noise and their propaganda machines. Search the internet and see what goes on in Saudi Arabia: An example is the story reported by that in the first week of the reign of new king Salman, four people were publicly beheaded by their government.

Where are the videos of that – where is the outrage from gop Congressman Mo Brooks or gop senator Orrin Hatch to THESE beheading? And the Saudis do not just behead their own people, as some may think, and not just people convicted of crimes, many of which crimes are crimes no where but in the muslim world, and after trials that are little more than a reading of charges without the need of evidence. This graphic video from last month shows the beheading of a Burmese woman accused of murder – not a Saudi and not convicted of any crime, and in November a video was released reporting on the beheading of a Pakistani by a Saudi executioner.

Where is the outrage, and where is the call for justice there?

And then we have Kayla Mueller, the newest media and political darling whose story is now the central theme for our beginning a new war against the forces that sprang from the rubble left by our last wars in the middle east. The stories would make it seem that Mueller was an innocent humanitarian, who was taken by terrorists and brutally killed. Bull of the highest order! Mueller was taken by ISIS from her most recent assignment for the International Solidarity Movement, an anti-Israel, anti-Semitic front organization originally founded by the PLO and now funded by Hamas and other terrorist groups whose mission is the destruction of Israel, and by the Saudis through their Muslim Students Association. The ISM uses phony humanitarian propaganda to recruit volunteers throughout the United States, and has held numerous conferences on US college campuses, spreading their propaganda and recruiting students such as mueller to go to the middle east, to Israel, to Gaza, to Syria, where their number one job is to incite unrest and promote protests against Israel and against US support for Israel.
One of the tactics used by the ISM has been to seek out in particular secular, anti-Israel-leaning Jews, who have believed much of the propaganda and who can be used as public relations weapons in their endless stream of propaganda. Further, as reported on the website, the ISM shields terrorists and provides aid and assistance to terrorists, they protect bomb making workshops and weapons
smuggling tunnels, and interfere with soldiers trying to stop terrorists from entering Israel. This is the group with which kayla mueller worked for several years.


“Just as with Rachel Corrie, the press tries to paint Kayla as a selfless volunteer helping poor Arab refugees. She may have even helped some injured Arabs in refugee camps. But don’t be fooled where her sympathies laid; she was working to support the goals of Palestinian irredentist/terrorists and to interfere with the IDF on behalf of terrorist groups. As an ISM activist she was a tool for the worldwide jihad.”

PLEASE no new ground war in the middle east, certainly not to appease the death of kayla mueller.

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For many years as a lawyer, I saw much of the good and bad of society, and did what I could to right many wrongs. The lack of understanding of what is good and bad, right and wrong, just and unjust, as evidenced by such events as the election of King W as president, (who as such far surpassed the evil of richard nixon but not quite that of ronald reagan) lead me in a new direction, to spend my time trying to understand what is happening to our society, to try as best I can to spread my insights to others, and along the way to maybe even eke out a living through the internet.
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