NYPD Shootings: Blame is Everywhere But Where It Belongs

In the aftermath of the horrific shooting deaths of two New York Police Department officers, thoughtless, emotional responses have flooded the media, placing blame everywhere but where it belongs. At the height of the mountain of absurd commentary are the statements made by the head of New York’s’ Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, one Patrick Lynch, blaming New York Mayor Bill de Blasio for the shootings due to his having dared to ask that officers respect the constitutional rights of free expression possessed by those protesting the decision not to prosecute those responsible for the death of Eric Garner. New York officers had no problem exercising their rights to free expression when they turned their back on the mayor when he arrived for a news conference last night, but those same officers, according to Lynch, should not have to protect and respect the rights of those with whom they may disagree.

And speaking of New York mayors, statements made in the aftermath by former New York republican mayor Rudy Giuliani have done little more than demonstrate his total break from reality and need for psychiatric commitment, based on the assumption that he could not really be either that reactionary and racist or that stupid, to have said that the cause of the shootings was President Obama having
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purportedly said “that everybody should hate the police”. Not to be outdone, former New York governor George Pataki, also a republican, has also blamed Attorney General Eric Holder for what he deemed inciting anti-police fervor. Where do these whack jobs come up with these fantasies?

Speaking of fantasies, fox fixed news noise has hit perhaps a new all time low by putting some alleged actress by the name of Stacey Dash on the air as a commentator. Dash, possessing less intelligence or education, or common sense, than not only the average fox fixed “personality” but also less than that of a pit bull turd, in the midst of all this tweeted the following: “these murders are the natural result of the #jihad on cops that @TheRevAl & @DeBlasioNYC has called for. They should be held accountable.” And fox fixed viewers believe the deceitful lunacy that these morons spew forth.

So, where should the blame be placed? First and foremost, on the shooter himself, Ismaaiyl Brinsley, and secondly, on state and federal gun laws that allow a convicted felon to so easily obtain firearms which are used for such crimes.

The Looting of America
by Les Leopold
Brinsley had a long history of arrests in New York state, in Georgia, and in Ohio, for crimes involving weapons, obstruction of law enforcement officers, robbery and theft. He also had a history of off-and-on treatment for mental health issues, and for a period of several years had failed to comply with the terms of his probation by failing to check in with his parole officers and by failing to attend anger management classes. It is interesting that other reactionary commentators and groups have tried to tie Brinsely to the left wing Black Gorilla Family prison gang, but federal law enforcement officials have denied that he had any such ties. This was yet
another absurd attempt to misplace blame for the shootings, as there were unsubstantiated and later fully discredited reports BEFORE the shooing of the two officers that there was a plot by Black Gorilla Family members to kill NYPD officers following the Garner grand jury decision.

The bigger picture, however, is the refusal of political wusses, fueled by fox fixed news noise, the NRA and other gun manufacturers’ lobbyist groups, and the Cliven Bundys of the country, to fail to protect the citizens of this country from gun violence by passing meaningful laws that first and foremost restrict the ability of criminals and the mentally unstable from so easily obtaining firearms. That is the bottom line and it always comes back to that. You won’t hear any uneducated reality-series actress-commentator or former gop elected official saying that on fox fixed of course, but more and more people understand that, and eventually, change will happen.

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