Two-Faced Boehner Hits New Low For Hypocrisy

Before today’s Senate vote defeating the latest oil industry/gop effort to force the completion of the preposterous Keystone XL pipeline on unwitting, oblivious, America, tea bagger house speaker John Boehner took to the nearest microphone to issue a tirade replete with anger, disrespect, and above all, hypocrisy. Boehner referred to polls that show that building the pipeline is favored by a majority of the people when he said the following:

“Tonight, the Senate has an important opportunity to send a bill to build the Keystone pipeline to the president’s desk. And let’s be clear about this: A Keystone pipeline veto would send the signal that this president has no interest in listening to the American people. Vetoing an overwhelmingly popular bill would be a clear indication that he doesn’t care about the American peoples’ priorities. It would be [the] equivalent of calling the American people ‘stupid.’”

What a hypocritical piece of work. Boehner, who I mentioned a couple of days ago received more than $1.5 million in campaign funding from Oil and Gas, Mining industry, and electricity providers for his re-election, has ignored the will of the people time and time again on issues significantly more important than that of increased profits for foreign corporations like TransCanada,

builder and owner of the proposed pipeline, and the multi-national oil Goliaths who would profit from the pending sale to foreign countries of 100% of the oil to be transported.

Where was his outrage when he and his cohorts refused to bring forth a bill desperately wanted by more than 85% of the public, to restrict the easy access to firearms that felons and the mentally unbalanced have today? Similarly, Boehner, his tea bagger buddies and constituents, and his Senate partners, have refused to bring forth bills to create jobs, to repair the crumbling infrastructure (which can and should be the very same bills), or to even attempt to resolve any of the myriad immigration issue facing the country.

The Senate bill, defeated today by one vote, should never even have come up, as it is the President’s duty to decide on the inter-country pipeline, and it is not within the province of Congressional power. Further, it is abundantly clear that the pipeline cannot proceed until the Nebraska Supreme Court issues its ruling, expected by the of the year, on the state’s attempts, through its gop governor, to bypass state law to force through a state route for the pipeline. If the Court upholds the state Constitution and does not bend to political power and the wealth of the oil industry, then any further action of the Keystone XL would be years away as the entire approval process for a proposed route through Nebraska would have to begin anew.

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But there is a Senate bill and there was a vote today for strictly political reasons - the Senate run-off election in Louisiana. Blue-Dog dem Mary Landrieu, approaching a losing runoff to retain her Senate seat, and a traitor to the principles of the Democratic Party, the progressive movement, and what is true and just, supports the vile pipeline project. Landrieu received millions in donations for her campaign from oil, gas,
electric, and other energy-related businesses, and her first and foremost objective since the Nov. 4 election has been to work to push through a “winning” vote on the pipeline. This has been seen as a last-ditch effort to save her seat, but that is a long, lost cause, and I see it more as an attempt to reward her contributors, and keep them in line until her next bid for high office.

Finally, as the lies about the pipeline continue to be the gop gospel, and as TransCanada and other involved oil industry powers through their political lackeys have blatantly refused to agree to Sen. Ed Markey’s proposed amendment that would require the tar sands oil transported through the pipeline and then refined, to be sold only in the us, Russ Girling, CEO of TransCanada, has now ADMITTED in an interview on ABC’s “ThisWeek”, that the completed Keystone XL pipeline would result in the creation of a grand total of 50 permanent jobs.

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