Dick Cheney’s Halliburton Thieves Off the Hook for Gulf Disaster

BP Deepwater HorizonFour and one-half years after the infamous BP/Deepwater Horizon oil spill harmed irrevocably the environment of the Gulf Coast, killed and maimed wild life, and destroyed the lives and livelihood of millions of people, one of the prime culprits in the disaster, dick cheney’s Halliburton corporation, is now off the hook for their considerable part in the disastrous event, for a mere pittance.

Plentiful evidence established that Halliburton used inferior materials and shoddy workmanship in building the cement plug that was the ultimate cause of the disaster. They subsequently admitted , after the fact, that they destroyed evidence, including results of tests done on the quality and fitness of the work they had done, as part of a massive cover up of their activities. Yet, the company overseen for years by dick cheney, before, and surreptitiously during and after his tenure as vice president, has received a slap on the wrist, as they merrily go on their way, continuing to rake in billions of dollars, much of it still from various departments and agencies of the US government.

A little less than a year ago, the corporation pled guilty to misdemeanor charges of destroying that evidence, escaping any felony prosecution for any prior acts which led not just to devastating damage to the Gulf Coast, the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, and to every living creature along the waters, but also for the 11 people who lost their lives on the

Deepwater Horizon platform. Instead, the corporation received a $200,000 fine and three years probation. That was the first part of an evil joke on the people whose lives were irrevocably changed by the acts of Halliburton. If corporations are people, as the US Supreme Court told us so forcefully in the Citizens United case, then should not Halliburton been required to shut down all its operations to serve the equivalent of a jail sentence? Guess not; not dick cheny's Halliburton, that's for sure.

Now, the second shoe has dropped, and again,

Cheney's War Crimes: The Reign of a De Facto President Various Formats
Halliburton merely has had its other wrist slapped. Last year, Halliburton had gross revenue of just under $30 Billion, as they have had yearly for many years. Yet, for their part in the disaster that has been estimated to have caused $100 Billion in damage, they have settled any and all civil liability claims for the total sum of $1.1 Billion, a fraction of the company’s yearly net profit, and a tiny, tiny fraction of the damages they caused.

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