Guns Everywhere Now the Law in Georgia

It didn’t take very long for the first confrontation to occur in the state of Georgia on the first day of their widely Unpopular “Guns Everywhere” law, or as it is officially known, the “Safe Carry Protection Act”. As I wrote awhile back, a powerful segment of society, not to mention the gun manufacturers’ lobbying organization known as the NRA, pushed for and got the state’s lawmakers to pass a comprehensive bill that authorized the open carry of loaded firearms into bars, churches, schools, government buildings (except for the buildings that house the legislators who passed the bill), airports, and every manner of retail business.

Don’t get me wrong, there was joy and celebration among segments of Georgia society at the

passage of the bill, mostly coming from the 5%, which totals around 500,000 people, who are the state's gun owners. But among the rest of Georgia's citizens, that 95% - the "other" 9,900,000 people who live there, there is not quite the same acceptance level, let alone joy. Polls that include input from both segments of Georgia society say that 70% of the people oppose the law.

Nevertheless, it's the law now, and individual businesses,

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churches, and the like will have to each develop their own policy as to whether to allow guns to be brought into their facilities. Immediate reaction has come from Target, that has said no guns there, and from numerous churches, including the Catholic Church, whose Archbishop of Atlanta has banned guns from all Catholic church facilities. The Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta made a similar decision earlier.

But the majority, for now, of Georgia businesses have not acted or have decided not to act, and with the ink barely dry on the new law, one gun toting customer of a Valdosta, GA convenience store confronted another gun toting customer and asked to see his permit. The second gun-toter was not to pleased by the request, and refused, resulting in the first

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gun-toter pulling out his firearm. The second guy quickly made his purchase and left, avoiding any further problems in the store. The police were called, and the first gun-toter, identified as one Ronald Williams, was arrested. How DARE he ask the other gun-toter to have to
PROVE he had a license for that loaded weapon!

In fact, the guns everywhere law PROHIBITS even law enforcement personnel from asking gun-toters to show a license. Really.

Besides gun-control groups, other organizations that opposed the new law included the state’s police chiefs association, the state restaurant association, and the Transportation Security Administration, you know, those people that are tasked with keeping guns off of airplanes, that now will be confronted with people legally bringing loaded guns as far as their security checkpoints. But, you still can’t have bottles with more than three ounces of liquid. You have to take your shoes off, but not your holsters.

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