Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Politicians Gaining Power, and Legitimacy from the US

Missing from the vast majority of news reports from the Ukraine is virtually any mention of the current makeup of the new government of acting president Turchynov, who has embraced the most despicable elements of Ukrainian society and provided them positions of power.

Sen. John McCain and Svoboda Party Leader Oleh Tyahnybok

Sen. John McCain and Svoboda Party Leader Oleh Tyahnybok

I am not voicing any support whatsoever for the tactics of Putin or for Russian aggression, but it is the current makeup of the Ukrainian power structure that is more than scary and that mirrors 1930s nazi Germany.

Right-wing nationalists groups, the most powerful of which is the Svoboda party, are major players in the acting government, and their racist and discriminatory policies are becoming embodied throughout the government. Svoboda party members now occupy numerous positions of power in Turchynov’s government, including deputy prime minister Oleksandr Sych, prosecutor general Oleh Makhnitsky, and the the position of minister of defense.

Svoboda is a neo-nazi party, that uses the swastika in their party symbol, that advocates nazi party and nazi-era policies, and that has as their hero Stephan Bandera, the WWII Ukranian nationalist movement leader who allied with hitler and who was responsible for the massacre of thousands of Poles and Jews.

They currently advocate discriminatory laws aimed not just at ethnic Russians, but also aimed at Ukrainian Jews (one of whom was my grandfather who fled from similar religious/ethnic cleansing policies more than 100 years ago), and ethnic Poles, Rumanians, and other groups of Ukrainian citizens. They advocate that no foreign languages of these peoples be taught in the schools, and that citizens carry passports which identify their ethnicity, and if Jewish, their religion. They have also engaged in a widespread distribution, in public areas including in front of government buildings, of copies of the “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”, the 1903 document embodying a

widespread hoax accusing the world Jewish community of an organized effort for world domination, which was most widely distributed in the 1920s due to massive funding from world class anti-Semite and good friend of adolph hitler, Henry Ford.

The leader of the Svoboda party is Oleh Tyahnybok, who famously stated in a 2004 speech, that it was “the Moscow-Jewish mafia” that was even then in the process of taking over the Ukraine. He also wants the Ukraine to re-establish itself as a nuclear power. Unfortunately for those of us in the United States, he has major ally in senile Senator and former presidential nominee John McCain, with whom he has met, and dined with, on several occasions. The official Svoboda website states the the two of them met again this past Friday, along a group of other US Senators.

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I am sure that a significant motivation in the Crimean people’s voting in favor of succession is due to the their fear of the Ukrainian nationalistic movement and the growing power of parties such as Svoboda. It is beyond disgust that elected United States officials would provide any measure of legitimacy to such miserable bigots as Tyahnybok and his party.

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