GOP Plan – Out of Sight, Out of Mind

It seems that on a couple of fronts, gop controlled state governments are engaging in a practice of removing from sight, and in their warped thinking, from the minds of the rest of society, information and more about ideas and developments with which they disagree. This recently has been very evident concerning environment related issues.

In North Carolina, where environmental issues have been in the forefront of public awareness much of this year since the catastrophic event of the leaking of 82,000 tons of Duke Energy coal ash into the Dan River, and where the gop governor Pat McCrory is not just a climate change denier but a 28-year employee of Duke Energy prior to his election, and where his appointed head of the state’s Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), John Skvarla, is not just a climate change denier but an anti-science crusader who believes that petroleum is an infinite resource, constantly being replenished in the earth’s core, that same DENR has now denied the public access to vital information.

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The DENR website USE TO have on its home page a significant amount of information and links to additional resources regarding climate change,

and the site also included a report on the possible economic impacts of greenhouse gas mitigation, and the state’s full Climate Action Plan. Sometime in the past few weeks, ALL of this has been removed – no climate change information, no links to resources, no reports, and no state Climate Action Plan.

If the public can find no information, if the state thinks there is no problem, then people will forget about it all over time, the thinking goes.

On a separate environmental issue, the one where the right wing wants desperately to do as much harm as possible to the electric vehicle industry to preserve forever dependence

on petroleum, Chris Christie’s New Jersey has now become the third state to ban the sale of Tesla automobiles in the state.

Embattled governor Christie as recently as last week made a speech in which he decried government intervention into the free market, saying the following:

“We don’t have an income inequality problem, we have an opportunity problem in this country because government’s trying to control the free market,…

“We need to talk about the fact that we’re for a free-market society that allows your effort and your ingenuity to determine your success, not the cold, hard hand of government determining winners and losers.”

Well, it seems that innovative, ingenious electric vehicle manufacturers are not included in that sphere of businesspeople allowed to win or lose on their own efforts, as a scant few days after espousing those words, Christie finalized new state regulations (written by his appointed DMV Commissioners) that prohibit Tesla from selling its vehicles directly to consumers, as it does in virtually every other state. This will force Tesla to close its two New Jersey dealerships, throwing hundreds of citizens into unemployment, and curtail plans that were in the works for additional dealerships. Tesla responded with the following statement:

[The Christie administration is] “thwarting the Legislature and going beyond their authority to implement the state’s laws at the behest of a special interest group looking to protect its monopoly at the expense of New Jersey consumers. This is an affront to the very concept of a free market.”

Previously, red states Texas and Arizona have banned Tesla sales as well. Texas car dealership lobbyists spent at least between one-quarter and one-half million dollars in contributions to state legislators to influence them to pass a law there barring Tesla’s direct sales business plan (Tesla has no dealerships anywhere – all sales are direct with the manufacturer). This action was damaging

to the state on more ways than one, as not only is the free market an illusion in Texas, as consumers are unable to purchase the vehicle of their choice, but the state’s economy has lost out big time, as Tesla had in the works a new manufacturing plant, guess where? Yep, in Texas.

If you can’t find information about climate change, climate change must not exist. If you can’t buy a Tesla, electric vehicles must not exist. What’s next on the gop agenda to remove from public view?

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For many years as a lawyer, I saw much of the good and bad of society, and did what I could to right many wrongs. The lack of understanding of what is good and bad, right and wrong, just and unjust, as evidenced by such events as the election of King W as president, (who as such far surpassed the evil of richard nixon but not quite that of ronald reagan) lead me in a new direction, to spend my time trying to understand what is happening to our society, to try as best I can to spread my insights to others, and along the way to maybe even eke out a living through the internet.
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