Cavalier Attitude, Unconstitutional Act of LA Supervisors Leads to Federal Lawsuit

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how long time Los Angeles County Supervisors Don Knabe and Michael Antonovich had submitted a motion before the Board to eviscerate the First Amendment and add a religious symbol to the Los Angeles County Seal. Back in 2004, the Board had voted to remove a Christian cross from the seal, with Knabe and Antonovich being the only opposing votes. Last month, they obtained support from Mark Ridley-Thomas, who was not on the board in 2004, giving them a majority vote to disregard the United States Constitution and thoroughly piss off the millions of Los Angeles County residents who believe in the First Amendment Establishment Clause, and REALLY piss of

non-Christian county residents, who see their religions being handed second-class status in the new “Christians-Only-Welcome” Los Angeles County.

As was anticipated, the American Civil Liberties Union has filed a lawsuit in Federal Court to stop the re-inclusion of the cross into the seal. What is interesting is who are plaintiffs in the lawsuit. The Plaintiffs are Christian, Jewish and Muslin religions leaders and practitioners from around the county. The LA Times yesterday quoted Elliot Davies, rector of St. Thomas the Apostle Episcopal Church as follows:

“For Christians, [the cross] is specifically a Christian symbol, and it is unfair to say the least, that a Christian cross should be the only religious symbol on our county seal.”

What is even more interesting, and thoroughly disgusting, is the cavalier attitude of Knabe and Antonovich who have stood on the absurd argument that the cross is a necessary addition to the seal for what they deem the architectural integrity of the San Gabriel Mission depicted on the seal without the cross that now adorns the mission, but which was not present at the time the seal was drawn. Their attitude is even more disgusting as it pertains to the rights of the citizens of the community to oppose this illegal action, through

litigation. They have characterized the lawsuit as “frivolous” and castigated the ACLU for “wasting county resources”.

Just WHO is “wasting county resources”? It is unquestionably Knabe and Antonovich who have put their personal religious beliefs above that of the community and above the Constitution, and they are costing the county money to defend a lawsuit that they can not possibly win.

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When the cross was removed in 2004, that resulted in a lawsuit from Knabe and Antonovich supporters who seek a state religion and wanted the cross restored. The county spent three years and who knows how much money defending that suit and the state-religion backers lost that one, as they will lose this one.

What part of “Separation of Church and State” can these people not understand, or just refuse to accept?

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