Gun Manufacturers Flee California Rather Than Make Guns Safer

In 2007, the California legislature enacted AB 1471, a bill that amended CA Penal Code Section 12126 to require that new firearms sold in the state be equipped to microstamp onto bullet casings characters that identify the make, model, and serial number of the weapon. The bill was signed into law by republican governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, but did not go into effect for six years, until 2013.

Now, faced with such a reasonable and necessary aid to law enforcement to help solve serious crimes, gun manufacturer Smith & Wesson has with much fanfare joined Sturm, Ruger & Co. in refusing to comply with the requirement, instead choosing to stop selling firearms in California.

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Smith & Wesson has advanced the preposterous notion that the requirement is “costly, unreliable and ineffective” saying that there “is no evidence that it will help solve crimes”. What a load of crap. What unabashed, putrid garbage, advanced purely to attempt to justify the continued opposition by the firearms industry to oppose any and all efforts to promote gun safety and to bring criminals who use guns to justice.

Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer, a former member of the California State Assembly, wrote and introduced AB 1471, and he has stated that the gun lobby’s objections were “baloney”and that the new technology gave law enforcement critical evidence in handgun

-related killings and that the legislation had wide support from law enforcement agencies.

Microstamping has been around for a decade or more, and costs only a few dollars per gun to install. Feuer was quoted in today’s LA Times as saying that “We all know that the gun lobby has no problem innovating when it

comes to making guns more lethal.”

Organizations such as the NRA, , the National Shooting Sports Foundation and the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute have been lobbying the legislature to repeal the law, and they have filed lawsuits seeking to invalidate the law. From Chuck Michel, West Coast Counsel for the National Rifle Association:

“This is the latest attempt to undermine the Second Amendment in California by politicians with little to no knowledge of firearms, who seek to impose their liberal values upon those who choose to protect their families with the constitutional right to own a handgun.”

What a load of crap. This is the standard, rote response to any and all reasonable attempts to make it safer for people to walk down city streets, to sit in their living rooms, to go to movies, to go to school, without the fear of being the victim of senseless gun violence. The bankrupt position of the NRA and other gun lobbying groups that we live in the 1880s old west, where every person has to have a gun strapped to their waist, where every dispute ends with bullets flying, where law enforcement is an afterthought, showing up to clean up the debris from disputes settled the old-fashioned way, by the participants firing guns, and the last man standing being the victor, unencumbered by crime scene investigation or justice.

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