The Koch Family And President John Fitzgerald Kennedy

On this 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, it is important to remember and understand who are America’s worst enemies – they are the enemies from within, who seek to undermine the good of government, who seek to drive a wedge between segments of society, and who seek to steal the country’s resources for their own personal wealth, and chief among them is the family Koch.

Many, if not most, citizens are aware of the current doings of brothers Charles and David Koch, who after spending hundreds of millions of dollars in their unsuccessful attempt to buy the 2012 election, are now spending millions more in an attempt to override the voice and will of the people, not just by lobbying elected officials and by spreading lies about the Affordable Car Act, but by building and promoting phony websites and phony organizations, for the purpose of sabotaging the Affordable Care Act (See for example “The Massive Republican Campaign to Sabotage the Affordable Care Act“).

JFK Treason Flyer from the John Birch Society

JFK Treason Flyer from the John Birch Society

But on this day of all days, one must look back in time to the brothers’ patriarch, and his own evil deeds from half a century ago. The father of Charles and David, Fred Koch, was one of the founders of the John Birch society, along with the guy who usually gets the “credit”, Robert Welch, Jr. The senior Koch believed that there was a massive communist plot to use welfare benefits to influence African Americans to vote the Communist Party into power.

It was the Koch and Welch led Birch Society that, just a couple of days prior to November 22, 1963, distributed thousands of this flyer across the Dallas area, as the President was due to arrive. The flyer itself was created by Robert Surrey, an associate of Major General

Edwin Walker, who was drummed out of the US Army in 1961 for distributing Birch Society literature to his troops. Thereafter, Walker had moved to Dallas, where he continued his extreme political activities, gaining notoriety first for his opposition to the integration of southern colleges and universities, in particular the admission of James Meredith to the University of Mississippi, and then in his

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own campaign for governor of Texas.

Fred Koch was an integral part of the Birch Society until his death in 1967, which made his sons very rich and able to carry on to this day the spirit of his father’s political depravity.

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For many years as a lawyer, I saw much of the good and bad of society, and did what I could to right many wrongs. The lack of understanding of what is good and bad, right and wrong, just and unjust, as evidenced by such events as the election of King W as president, (who as such far surpassed the evil of richard nixon but not quite that of ronald reagan) lead me in a new direction, to spend my time trying to understand what is happening to our society, to try as best I can to spread my insights to others, and along the way to maybe even eke out a living through the internet.
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  1. 2much says:

    These are the guys whose faces ought to be on posters as traitors, to their country and to humanity. The OpenSecrets blog has done some deep research into where the funding comes from and where it goes, the kochs are documented here: and it explains the proliferation of misinformation being put out there.

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