California Does Have a Tea Party and it Now Wants Power

At a time when on a national level, the tea bagger mob of wackos, religious fanatics, and certifiable lunatics is seeing some of their worst defeats ever, losing all of the state offices in Virginia and seeing a resounding loss in a special Congressional election in Alabama, the lame-brained, egotistical, misinformed, tea bagger zealots who do live in the Golden State have their own little candidate for governor now, as gun-toting Assemblyman Tim Donnelly has formally announced his candidacy to run against Jerry Brown next year.

In true tea bagger fashion, Donnelly denounced the moderate governor, who has vetoed anti-gun violence legislation, vetoed bills that would have reigned in some of the power big business interests have to manipulate the initiative, referendum and recall system that they use to purchase new laws they are unable to ram through the legislature, and who signed into law a recent bill legitimizing and expanding fracking in the state, as a socialist.


Calling the Brown administration an “epic failure”, Donnelly has opened his campaign by demonstrating to the people of California that he has his head in an inland empire hole in the ground, and spends his time watching fixed noise for his “facts”. If this were not true, he would then know that Governor Brown has established

himself, as detailed in a recent piece by LA Times Capital Journal columnist George Skelton, the third greatest governor in the state’s long history behind only Hiram Johnson and Edmund G. (Pat) Brown, and that under Jerry Brown’s leadership among so many other accomplishments, the state’s yearly budget crises problem has been solved, a deficit approaching $30 B has been turned into a surplus, the state’s credit rating has risen, and he has made the aim of “Zero Net Energy” construction not only a success in California, but a model for the entire country.

Of course, instead of holding elected office as he does now and instead of running for higher office, Donnelly should be occupying a prison cell, as would be the case were he an ordinary citizen, caught as he was carrying a loaded weapon and a carry-on bag of ammunition through a TSA security checkpoint at Ontario International Airport. Joe average would a) Not have been allowed to catch the next flight as he was, and b) Not have been given the slap on the wrist of a misdemeanor prosecution ending in a guilty plea and community service instead of jail time.

Donnelly wants to remake California in the image of Texas, where dangerous manufacturing plants go unregulated and uninspected for decades, resulting in massive fires, explosions, and deaths, and where millions of citizens have no health care, insurance, or security net, their lives teetering on a delicate balance for survival should they or a

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family member become sick or injured, or old.

Donnelly also supports unrestricted offshore oil drilling, restricting access to abortion to the greatest extent possible, ending the state’s cooperation in implementing the Affordable Care Act (in the Assembly, he introduced a bill to create a constitution amendment declaring the ACA unconstitutional), limiting access of citizens to the civil justice system for redress for injuries and damages caused by others, and of course, total freedom to own and to tote guns, here, there, and everywhere. Remember too, that before entering politics, Donnelly was a member of the Minutemen, guarding our boarders from infiltration by any undesirable, foreign element, by threat of shooting their heads off.

Referring to Donnelly and other potential gop gubernatorial candidates, Brown spokesman Dan Newman was quoted in the LA Times today as follows:

[they are] “… a comically ragtag collection of outcasts and misfits.”

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