Congress 2013: Lunatics Running the Asylum

You got what you wanted, right Michelle Bachmann? Right, HoundDawg: “It’s exactly what we wanted, and we got it.”

Right wing pundits like sean hannity applaud the “slimdown” of government, gleefully chortling how the shutdown “doesn’t effect me”. gop Congress members such as Marsha Blackburn celebrate the EPA being shutdown due to its inability to issue new regulations.

Do they care that FEMA Staffing for Adequate Fire & Emergency Response (SAFER) funds are no longer being processed or paid, which stops funding for local firefighters across the country? Do they care that the CDC cannot track viruses as the flu season begins? Do they care that the FDA has suspended food testing? Do they care that head start and preschool programs have shut their doors, turning away the young children of parents now unable to go to work? Do they care that domestic violence shelters are no longer receiving funding

and will be closing their doors? Do they care that laboratories have been closed, stopping research on meningitis in Hawaii and water quality in Florida? Do they care that 70% of the 86,000 civilians employed at the 16 U.S. intelligence agencies have been furloughed? Said Shawn Turner, a spokesman for the director of national

intelligence: “The intelligence community’s ability to identify threats and provide information for a broad set of national security decisions will be diminished for the duration.”

Amazingly, while some of these lunatics, overly concerned with park, zoo, and monument closures, have done nothing yet to try to re-open the AFT so new gun permits can be issued.

Some people continue to say that John Boehner is a smart, decent person, who is stuck in the middle between what is right and the tea bagger right. Bull crap. If he were a true

statesman who cared one iota for the good of the country rather than his miserable, misguided, self-centered Congressional tea bagger constituency, he would do the right thing. If Boehner were a decent person, this is what he would be shouting from the rooftops:

“My fellow Americans, we have gone too far. We have placed our own unreasonable position above that of the good of the American people. It is time to accept the fact that health care reform was needed, and that we responded by passing the Affordable Care Act, which subsequently passed a constitutional challenge. It is time to embrace it and move on to the real business of government and governing. We can no longer cater to a small group of zealots who refuse to accept facts and reality. It is time to pass a full budget and increase the debt ceiling, and move on to additional legislation to help all Americans, not the select few who republicans have feared and blindly obeyed.”


About theHoundDawg

For many years as a lawyer, I saw much of the good and bad of society, and did what I could to right many wrongs. The lack of understanding of what is good and bad, right and wrong, just and unjust, as evidenced by such events as the election of King W as president, (who as such far surpassed the evil of richard nixon but not quite that of ronald reagan) lead me in a new direction, to spend my time trying to understand what is happening to our society, to try as best I can to spread my insights to others, and along the way to maybe even eke out a living through the internet.
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