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Pet Meds a Big Part of Big Pharma Rip-Offs

Big Pharma pet medication divisions have yearly gross sales of $8 Billion a year. Major retailers like Walmart and Target are now actively soliciting your pet medication business. Target ads say don’t go to the veterinarian, buy your pet’s meds … Continue reading

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Ode to Our Abuser, Mitt

I wrote this this morning, and posted it on facebook, but I think it should go here also: Your lives have been so hard Your hearts have been so marred, Rafalka and Seamus, how sturdy, proud and gallant, “Abuse the … Continue reading

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I Am Now a Vegan

Well, after years of thinking about it, a trip to Farm Sanctuary’s Animal Acres in Acton, CA. last Sunday was the tipping point, and as of a week ago, MrsHound and I are both vegans. The tour of Animal Acres … Continue reading

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Bloggers, Merchants, Affiliate Marketers, Webmasters: GoDaddy Founder/CEO Shoots Elephants – Time to Change Domain Registers and Hosts

If you own and/or operate websites and use GoDaddy for domain registration or for hosting, it is time to find a new provider. Now! Even if you really do like their commercials. GoDaddy founder and CEO Bob Parsons is bragging … Continue reading

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Simply Stated, It IS Far Worse Than BP Has Admitted

One month ago: Three days ago: From chronicler John L. Wathen.

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Tuesday’s Los Angeles Mayoral Election – “Moore” Relevant Than First Thought

On Tuesday, Los Angeles voters will elect a mayor. Odds are that the incumbent, Antonio Villaraigosa, will easily win re-election. However, a little known challenger, Walter Moore, has used a campaign of divisiveness and hatred to raise far more money … Continue reading

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Palin’s Double-Barreled Threat to Wildlife

Sarah Palin’s prowess in shooting as many of the majestic creatures populating the Alaskan wilderness as maverickly possible, is already legendary. A bit less well known is her even more dangerous assault on the declining numbers of Alaska’s endangered species. … Continue reading

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If I Were Chancellor of UCLA for a day….

I have always loved UCLA. In fact, when I was a senior in high school, it was the only university to which I applied. I have always been extremely proud that I graduated in 1971 with a UCLA Bachelor of … Continue reading

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Your Pets Deserve the Best Quality Food

As lovers of animals, Mrs. Hound and I have, over the years, adopted far too many stray and rescue dogs and cats to count. Generally, and certainly in earlier years, not knowing any better, we fed them dog/cat “junk food” … Continue reading

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