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Big Money Doesn’t Alway Win

Outrageous campaign spending usually means an easy win for the guys and corporations with the big bucks, but in smaller, local races where the people are informed, often it’s not enough to fool a majority of voters and ram through … Continue reading

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Who Needs Education, Just Steal the Title

Move To Missouri and become a lawyer – No education or experience necessary! Way back in 2010 when former gop presidential hopeful and still current US Senator Rand Paul was first running for the Senate, it came to light that … Continue reading

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Rubio Puts Phony Anti-Castro Past Above His Senate Responsibility and US Needs

When Marco Rubio burst upon the Florida political scene, he told a compelling story about how his parents had fled Fidel Castro and Communist Cuba for a new, free life in the United States. He told the tale often enough … Continue reading

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An Uninformed Voter is a gop Voter

From one extremist right wing red state to another, Constitutional rights have been stripped away from citizens, including the right to choose, the right to vote, the right to be secure and free from deranged domestic terrorists who with increased … Continue reading

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Hastert’s a Felon – Time to End the Hastert Rule!

In a sweetheart plea bargain condemned by many across a broad spectrum of politics and the criminal justice system, former Speaker of the House J. Dennis Hastert (R, IL) has now plead guilty to one felony for what was essentially … Continue reading

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Judicial Ethics Rules – Only Nine Judges in US Are Exempt

And just guess who they are. Every judge in the United States, including all state judges under individual state ethics’ rules, and all federal judges under the Code of Conduct for United States Judges must follow specifically delineated rules of … Continue reading

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gop Letter to Iran More Than An Embarrassment, It’s Treason

8 U.S.C. § 953, the Logan Act: Private correspondence with foreign governments. “Any citizen of the United States, wherever he may be, who, without authority of the United States, directly or indirectly commences or carries on any correspondence or intercourse … Continue reading

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Not So Fast, Holder, Hagel, You’re Not Going Anywhere, Yet

Despite the Democratic majority in the US Senate that has existed throughout President Obama’s tenure, Senate procedures and the obscene ability of a minority of obstinate Senators to dictate what can be considered and what can be passed, and despite … Continue reading

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The Darrell Issa Dumping Mystery Solved, and it’s All Benghazi

One of the big mysteries of the past week was why the number one con man in Congress, the clown of all clowns of the gop circus, Darrell Issa, was removed as chairman of the House Oversight Committee. As has … Continue reading

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