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Even More Anti-Semitism Surrounding trump

In modern American history, there have been several instances of virulent, outspoken anti-Semites attaining various positions of power, from former Secretary of State John Foster Dulles to WWII era radio protagonist Father Coughlan to nation of islam founder Louis Farahkan, … Continue reading

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The Unspoken Reason

The answer is simple, it is clear, and it is never mentioned in the media. The question is, of course, why is there so little support for Bernie Sanders in the African-American community? And the answer, the unspoken reason, is … Continue reading

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Historical Facts? They’ll Write Their Own in Oklahoma!

Facts are just not important to many of the good citizens of the fine state of Oklahoma, and certainly not historical facts. Oklahomans seem to be living in a fantasy world, and state legislators are hard at work to move … Continue reading

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Sorry, But Anti-Semite Kayla Mueller is No Hero!

As international media propaganda overwhelms the airwaves and internet, President Obama has joined with right-wing imperialists and misguided Democrats to ram through Congress a new war authorization bill that, for all the wrong and absurd reasons, assures the US of … Continue reading

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Anti-Gay Florida Officials Hit New Low, Harming Others Along the Way

In the 2012 Presidential election, overall the state of Florida voted for the re-election of President Barack Obama, by a slim margin. His support was primarily centered in the states’ largest and most diverse counties, such as Broward, Miami-Dade, and … Continue reading

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HarperCollins’ Blatant Anti-Semitism

Well, it seems that the new year has begun with the revelation that one of the United States’ largest corporate giants has engaged in blatant, extreme anti-Semitism, which apparently had gone unnoticed for several months in the US, as the … Continue reading

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Why No One Who Is Sick Should Ever Support the gop

Medical researchers have long known that a cure for diabetes was likely to be developed, but that the major stumbling blocks and delays were not scientific in nature, but rather political. Back in the dark ages of the george w … Continue reading

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The Disgusting Disgrace that is the United States Supreme Court

I’ve followed closely the composition, actions, and opinions of the US Supreme Court since the late 1960s when I took an undergraduate course that focused on the politics of the court. Never in my lifetime, and likely not since the … Continue reading

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Hobby Lobby and Stupidity, as the Supreme Court Session Nears its End

As the 2014 session of the United States Supreme Court is about to come to a close, three things seem abundantly clear: The decision in the most important, far reaching case of the year, Burwell v Hobby Lobby, will not … Continue reading

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