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A New Beginning With Elections In Greece

“Greece leaves behind the austerity that ruined it, leaves behind the fear, leaves behind five years of humiliation, and Greece moves forward with optimism and hope and dignity,” – Syriza Party leader Alexis Tsipras, in line to be the new … Continue reading

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Worst of the Worst: Wells Fargo Bank

At the time of The Mortgage Crisis, I had friends who had been totally screwed over by Wells Fargo Bank, and the stories they told about the unwillingness of Wells Fargo to give a single ounce of consideration, let alone … Continue reading

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More Right Wing Lies About Business “Un”-Friendly California

With this past week’s announcement that Toyota is closing its Torrance, CA headquarters and relocating 3,000 jobs to Texas, the right-wing propaganda machine has gone mad with criticism of California’s tax system and environmental protection laws, alleging that such state … Continue reading

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Proposed Military Budget Cuts a Step in the Right Direction

A measure of common sense and decency has suddenly arisen in Washington, D.C., where Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has unveiled a defense budget proposal that comes close to bringing the United States in line with the rest of the world … Continue reading

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World Economic Inequality Hits Staggering Level, While Commentators Chuckle

In a report issued this past week, Oxfam International, a worldwide relief organization dedicated to finding practical, innovative ways for people to lift themselves out of poverty and to making the voices of the poor able to influence local and … Continue reading

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On the Eve of the College Football Season, Salaries Revisited

A couple of years ago, I wrote about how in so many states across the US, state budgets are being slashed and vital social programs are suffering the consequences, while football coaches at state universities receive obscenely high salaries out … Continue reading

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Needed Financial Regulations Derailed by Wall Street Democrat

Remember the 2008 financial crisis, you know, where the virtually unregulated network of Wall Street giants gambled the life savings of millions of unsuspecting customers on fragile, risky, largely uninsured investments? It was in all the papers. Well, a portion … Continue reading

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West Covina’s Big League Dreams – Part II, The Facts and the Questions

Hoping to get some specific answers to numerous finance-related questions, this morning I was among a small group of concerned West Covina, CA citizens who met with a member of the City Council, the City Manager, and other city officials, … Continue reading

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Narrow Victory by Conservatives Means Status Quo In Greece, More European Austerity

A follow-up from Saturday’s post: Imagine America in 1932, in the ravages of the Great Depressions, and worsening each and every day, due in large part to the bankrupt policies of Herbert Hoover and the republican party. Imagine the 1932 … Continue reading

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