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Scapegoats and Wristbands in the GOP’s America

An unmistakable similarity of donald trumps’ presidential campaign and of the campaign that brought adolph hitler to power and that then fueled the rise of nazism through Europe was the reliance on scapegoats, the pervasive assumption, hammered home at every … Continue reading

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Miserable People in the gop

Over the past few days, there have been several stories in the news about absolutely miserable people, some stories being widely disseminated and discussed, others not much. These stories involve politicians currently holding high offices, politicians who formerly held high … Continue reading

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The Honeymoon Is Over for LA Sheriff

In 2014, Los Angeles County voters elected former Long Beach Police Chief Jim McDonnell the county’s new Sheriff amid a plethora of scandals and criminal acts having been committed throughout the Sherif’s Department, from the least senior deputy levels to … Continue reading

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Lies About Planned Parenthood Lead to Indictments

For months, the right wing, seemingly en masse, road the anti-abortion, anti Planned Parenthood train across the USA and through one election event after another, fueled by a set of concocted videos, allegedly showing that Planned Parenthood regularly engaged in … Continue reading

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The Truth and the Myths of Memorial Day

Many myths and an abundance of little known truths surround the origins of the American holiday of Memorial Day. The modern interpretation of the holiday is that of a day of remembrance for all those who have died in the … Continue reading

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Sorry, But Anti-Semite Kayla Mueller is No Hero!

As international media propaganda overwhelms the airwaves and internet, President Obama has joined with right-wing imperialists and misguided Democrats to ram through Congress a new war authorization bill that, for all the wrong and absurd reasons, assures the US of … Continue reading

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Why No One Who Is Sick Should Ever Support the gop

Medical researchers have long known that a cure for diabetes was likely to be developed, but that the major stumbling blocks and delays were not scientific in nature, but rather political. Back in the dark ages of the george w … Continue reading

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Schizophrenic Ninth Circuit Issuing Bad, Bad Decisions

As I wrote last month, while the ongoing legacy of decades of reagan and bush presidencies has been the flooding of the nations’ federal court system with hundreds of judges who possess insufficient intelligence and who are unable and unwilling … Continue reading

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Big Pharma and the Supreme Court – a Match Made in Heaven

In two rulings from the US Supreme Court, each decided five-to-four, the Court’s conservative block has insulated BIG PHARMA from an innumerable number of injury claims from consumers who ingest their drugs and who then suffer significant injuries and damages, … Continue reading

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