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The Proud Legacy of Senator Jim Jeffords

It was the “dramatic move to the right” that caused one of its most intelligent, courageous and principled members to bolt the republican party, creating a dramatic change in the country’s power structure. Upset with the vast scope of its … Continue reading

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Tea Bagger “Head Lice” House Hard at Work

A few days ago, Congressman Bill Pascrell, Jr. (Dem, NJ) speaking on the House floor told his fellow members that they were less popular with the American people than head lice. This comes from a poll reported in the Washington … Continue reading

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California’s New Class System

Early last year, I wrote about how the California Department of Transportation and local transit entities were in the process of transforming California’s legendary highway system – legendary “free” highway system – into a two-tier system, one for the haves, … Continue reading

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The Estate of Legendary Racist John Wayne Sues “Duke” University

Iconic actor John “Duke” Wayne, was an immensely popular celebrity during his hay day of the 1950s, 60s and 70s. Wayne died of cancer in 1979, and his legion of fans have tried to keep his memory alive for future … Continue reading

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West Covina’s Big League Dreams – Part III, The City’s Answers

A followup from earlier today’s: “West Covina’s Big League Dreams – Part II, The Facts and the Questions” We learned that the City of West Covina, in order to fiance the West Covina Big League Dreams Sports Complex, has incurred … Continue reading

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theHoundDawg Blog has Moved to this location!

theHoundDawg blog has moved here. Migrating in four-plus years of posts was a big job, but it has been done, and we have been able to preserve the content of all comments. Please bookmark our new url:  

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LA County and its Union-Busting DA Steve Cooley to Pay For Anti-Union Conduct

This past March, we wrote about the disgusting and illegal campaign to destroy the Association of Deputy District Attorneys, the union of Los Angeles  County prosecutors, conducted by Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley. (“LA District Attorney Steve Cooley – … Continue reading

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Lies and Incompetence Didn’t Bring Down Bush – Investigate and Prosecute Now!

Second in a series For eight long years, the American people were victims of the incompetence of the bush administration, and duped by the outright lies continually espoused from the highest members of the administration, including the President himself. As … Continue reading

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Health Care Reform Part 1: Understanding Some Basic Problems

While many Americans will agree that health care costs are unnecessarily high, the true reality of such costs, and the acquisition of necessary health care, affects only a segment of our population. The present health care system, set up as … Continue reading

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