Desecrating the Dept. of the Interior

This past week the occupier of the Oval Office astounded the political world and the American public when he had one of his highest-ranking appointees, Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke, contact Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan, US Senators from the state of Alaska, to threaten them and the people of Alaska, due to Murkowski having dared to offend the chief executive by voting no to beginning “debate” on the repub health care proposal in the Senate. As Murkowski is not up for re-election until 2022 and Sullivan until 2020, direct threats to them alone were clearly insufficient, so the Interior Dept. hit man threatened a denial or curtailment of administration support for projects that support the economic growth of and energy and employment development in Alaska. Thus, it was a threat to the citizens of a sovereign US state.

Not one to be intimidated, Sen. Murkowsk stuck to her guns, and her values, and was one of three repubs to vote no on the actual health care destruction bill, two days later.

But this is par for the course for Zinke, who is in the process of sticking to the business of the Department of the Interior, and gop values, which means the end of the National Parks

We Use to Have REAL Leaders

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System as we know it. Previously kept pristine for the use and enjoyment of millions of visitors per year, and for future generations, our National Parks and Monuments are now parcels of undeveloped land over which it is now the business of the Interior Dept. to turn over to developers and the fossil fuel industry, Continue reading

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Yet Another Knife into the Heart of the EPA

But first, some relevant information about coal:

One of the big campaign promises oft repeated during the 2016 presidential election was that of “bringing back coal”, a promise so deceitful as to defy any sense of logic. As President Obama so famously stated during one of the 2012 presidential debates in response to a Mitt Romney criticism that the US Navy had fewer ships than in the past, Obama stated that the military “also had fewer bayonets”, clearly making the point that progress marches on and that what was needed in 1920 was no longer useable in the 21st century. Centuries of coal mining caused hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of formerly able-bodied men to suffer excruciating, debilitating illnesses, injuries and untimely deaths, but the lack of energy alternatives made the industry a necessity. In society today, however, the need for coal is virtually nonexistent, and will be totally nonexistent, perhaps by the end of this decade. Replaced by modernization in manufacturing, transportation, and commercial and residential heating, and now too expensive for virtually any use due to the flow of cheap natural gas, the coal industry is dead and no effort at resuscitation could ever again make it profitable, though of course

Burn Out: The Endgame for Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuel industry observer Dieter Helm explains how the global move toward the "internet-of-things" will inexorably reduce the demand for oil, gas, and renewables - and prove more effective than current efforts to avert climate change.

misplaced government policy and resultant subsidies could expand its existence as a folly of magnificent proportions, and regrettably, that seems to have been the plan of the current administration.

Let there be no worry that the current administration is actually friendly to coal workers (as opposed of course to bring “friendly” to the ownership of what is left of the coal industry – much more on that to follow) as the initial releases of the administration’s proposed budget included massive cuts to federal programs such as the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) and the U.S. Economic Development Administration, which do what? Oh, yes, they re-train coal miners to work in other, growing, expanding industries. Continue reading

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Scott Pruitt and the New EPA

For generations, the Environmental Protection Agency has been at the forefront of world organizations, testing wide ranges of environmental contaminants and imposing more than reasonable restrictions on the continued use of pathogens dangerous to both the environment and to the well being of living creatures, both human and to those among the animal kingdom. However, the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election has seen the organized and authoritative dismantling of the EPA and the effort to turn the agency into a pro-business, anti-human, anti-environment stamp of approval to corporate power and contamination solely dedicated to increased business profit and without regard to any consequences, including the leading of unsuspecting people, young and old alike, on a path towards pain, suffering, and ultimately premature and painful death.

Campaign promises to dismantle the agency and to repeal years of regulations were swiftly begun with the naming of the environment’s Public Enemy Number One, Oklahoma

Safe, non-toxic pest control -

Attorney General Scott Pruitt, as the new EPA Administrator. Pruitt’s long history and dedication to opposing each and every worthwhile act of the EPA was the sole necessary qualification leading to his appointment, that and a public life dedicated to climate change denial and other reactionary right wing religion-based extremist positions and activities, including serving for several years in a leadership capacity for ALEC, the secretive organization that drafts ultra conservative and religious-based model legislation for every gop-controlled state legislature across the country.

As Oklahoma’s Attorney General. Pruitt began his tenure by first dissolving that agency’s Environmental Protection Unit, Continue reading

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Lies and Deceit Are What trump Served Up Last Night

Last night the deranged mentally deficient narcissist racist pussygrabber pulled the wool over the eyes of millions of Americans as he read a speech that for once did not include vile, racist, incendiary slurs, but that still did throughout include deceitful and insincere statements of concern for people and issues that are diametrically opposed to his true beliefs and most importantly, to his continued actions.

He led off his speech by expressing concern for the wave of anti-Semitic threats across the country to Jewish Centers and for the desecration of Jewish Cemeteries. His fans and the unknowing ate this up, thinking he was expressing actual concern, something that is not within his conscience, as he remains an out-and-out anti-Semite, continuing to give power and voice to the most outspoken purveyors of today’s 21st century nazis and klansmen,

including steve bannon, stephen miller, and their followers. What the listeners by and large did not realize is that just hours before he shed his crocodile tears for these acts of anti-Semitism, he had met with a group of state attorneys general including Josh Shapiro, AG of the state of Pennsylvania, in which he indicated his belief that the threats quite possibly came from within the Jewish community. Continue reading

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My Tweets During trump’s Buffoonery

I was not going to watch trump’s speech but then I decided that maybe I could keep from vomiting by tweeting. Here are my tweets done during the last disgusting hour of lies, deceit, and abominable distortions of reality, from the deranged mentally deficient narcissist racist pussygrabber:

Deranged mentally deficient narcissist racist pussygrabber taking credit for everything he had nothing to do with. #trumpScum

Deranged mentally deficient narcissist racist pussygrabber PROUD TO DESTROY THE ENVIRONMENT #trumpScum

Deranged mentally deficient narcissist racist pussygrabber – yet to state a TRUE FACT – LYING PIECE OF SHIT #trumpScum

Deranged mentally deficient narcissist racist pussygrabber has NO CONCEPT OF HOW THE US GOVERNMENT WORKS #trumpScum

Deranged mentally deficient narcissist racist pussygrabber has NO CONCEPT OF HOW THE US ECONOMY WORKS #trumpScum

Deranged mentally deficient narcissist racist pussygrabber deporting 11 M will NOT SAVE BILLIONS IT WILL COST BILLIONS #trumpScum Continue reading

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An Awful Start for Greta Van Susteren at MSNBC

Veteran journalist and TV anchor Greta Van Susteren joined MSNBC’s daily lineup yesterday, and after two shows, I could not be more embarrassed for the network. While MSNBC has NEVER been the staunch left-wing voice that the extreme right claims, clearly NEVER the mirror image of that propaganda rag fox fixed news noise, not with network stalwarts such as former gop Congressman Morning Joe holding court, but Van Susteren has now moved the network far from the liberal-progressive position its loyal viewers expect, with a theme right out of the fox fixed playbook, and after two days, it is not pretty, nor is it appreciated.

Over her first two shows, Van Susteren has papered the MSNBC skies with a plethora of gop stalwarts as guests, including the unlikely presence of Sen. John McCain, former gop

head honcho Reince Priebus, now soon to be trump’s chief of staff, ultra-righty Congressman Jason Chaffetz and disgraced former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, Continue reading

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Lying Con Man trump Has ALREADY Destroyed Any Chance of Bipartisan Support

Loyal gop partisans who never, ever, gave President Barack Obama any semblance of basic decency, let alone a shred of bipartisan support, are out there lamenting the refusal of Democrats, many Moderates, and all of us Progressives to “Give the guy a chance” and unite the country. Well, we have NO REASON whatsoever to “Give the guy a chance” when he has, since election night, continued to espouse one virulent lie after another, basically telling the American people that we are TOO STUPID to know the difference, and making policy and personnel decisions that will cause irreversible harm to the majority of

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Americans, not just over the next four years, but well beyond that, and starting immediately.

Let’s summarize just some of the lies he’s stated and/or tweeted over the past week or so: Continue reading

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The Sad, Cruel and Deadly Joke of TSA and Airport Security

A few days before New Years, I flew out of Los Angeles International Airport to Seattle. WA. I quickly and easily passed through the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screening without question, incident, or any form of extra scrutiny. This week when I had my return flight to Southern California, it was a different story.

During my eight days in the state of Washington, I touched nothing more dangerous than the fur of a dog and my daughter’s homemade pizza (Delicious vegan pizza!). But, when I began the screening process at SEA-TAC to return home this past Wednesday evening, I was provided the treatment a three-strike felon would expect if he wanted to enter Fort Knox. The beginning of the process was more thorough to begin with, but everyone

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passing through that facility was being subjected to that level of scrutiny. But then it happened: One of the security personnel, why I have no idea, tested my hands with a swab, and an alarm sounded. Their super-sensitive, high-tech equipment, likely manufactured by Mattel when their Barbie Doll quota has been met, told the geniuses in charge that some deadly foreign substance was present on my hands (was it dog fur or pizza sauce?) and then the fun began. I was then ushered into a small makeshift “private” room when virtually every inch of my body was frisked, from head to toe – literally, at one point I was told to sit while they examined the bottoms of my feet. My belongings similarly Continue reading

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Even More Anti-Semitism Surrounding trump

In modern American history, there have been several instances of virulent, outspoken anti-Semites attaining various positions of power, from former Secretary of State John Foster Dulles to WWII era radio protagonist Father Coughlan to nation of islam founder Louis Farahkan, and others. Included in that list is a man who did not have quite the power status of the others, but who was, with likely only one exception in Father Coughlan, the most outspoken hate monger of them all, former politician John G. Schmitz.

John G. Schmitz was a republican California State Senator from Orange County, Ca. for six years until 1970 when he was elected to Congress, where he served four years. In 1972 he was the American Independent Party (the party formed by former Alabama governor and

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outspoken segregationist George Wallace) candidate for President. In 1978, he was again elected to the California State Senate, but while his outspoken racist and extremist views did nothing to harm his political career, eventually it came crashing down due to revelations of extramarital affairs, children born out of wedlock, and horrific sexual abuse of those of his children.

John G. Schmitz’ outspoken opinions included calling the 1965 Watts’ Riots a “a Communist operation”, he said that public universities should be sold to private corporations in order to stop student protests, and he regularly made virulent anti-Semitic statements, Continue reading

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