When to Believe Trump? NEVER!

In order to understand that donald trump is the most dishonest person on the public scene, now and maybe ever, and that not a word he says, ever, can be considered to contain an iota of truth, one only has to look to independent fact-checkers, such as Politifact, and the words of Michael LaBossiere, Professor of Philosophy at Florida A&M University, who studies “theories of knowledge” and who has said of trump, that he has ”perfected the outrageous untruth as a campaign tool”, and that

“He makes a clearly false or even absurdly false claim, which draws the attention of the media. He then rides that wave until it comes time to call up another one.”

Politifact has kept a close watch on trump, and last December issued a finding that of 77 statements checked, 76% were so outrageously false as to be categorized as “ Mostly False,

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False or Pants on Fire”. At the time, they awarded him their award for “Lie of the Year”, but could not dedicate it to merely one outrageous lie out of so, so many. They gave instead a few examples, such as his statement that "Whites killed by whites - 16%. Whites killed by blacks - 81%" when the actual numbers are IN FACT Whites killed by whites -82%. Whites killed by blacks - 15%.

In fact, Politifact, in checking the honesty and veracity of each of the presidential candidates, found that the trump told the truth precisely 9% of the time. Continue reading

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Kenneth Starr & Baylor U Deserve Each Other

If ever two thoroughly despicable entities, one human, well sort of, and one not, each with a long history of wretched, vile activities, ever came together to act in concert, to the detriment of innocent victims, it was the melding of Kenneth Starr with Baylor University.

Of the 200 US National Universities ranked in the latest annual US News & World Report Education rankings, Baylor ranked in the middle one-third, despite receiving an abysmal overall rating score of 51 on a scale of 0 to 100. But academics aside, it is in athletics that Baylor has made headlines for years, and those headlines have always been in the crime section of the news. Who can forget when the University pulled out all the stops to prevent

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any real sanctions, let alone the obvious criminal indictment that was needed so badly, when star woman’s basketball player Brittney Griner assaulted an opposing player during a game, punching Texas Tech’s Jordan Barncastle in the face. Instead of felony charges and a prison sentence, Baylor University, that bastion of law, ethics, and yes,
education, saw fit to suspend her for one game. Always on the lookout for misdeeds, the NCAA Continue reading

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Dishonest CVS Finds New Way To Steal

Right near the top of my list of Rotten Companies is the disgusting mega-corporation CVS Pharmacy, which over the past few years has been buying up smaller pharmacy chains here, there, and everywhere, in its effort to dominate the retail drug business and cheat and steal from consumers at the highest and most productive levels possible. Their newest

scheme is a doozy, and it doesn’t take a genius to see through the lies and phony policy statement to see the real purpose involved.

But first a little history about how they got where they are today, to being the second largest prescription drug retailer in the US, with over 7,600 stores, after buying out such former industry stalwarts as Mack Drug Stores, Clinton
Drug and Discount, Peoples Drug, Revco, Arbor Drugs, Rix Dunnington, Stadtlander Continue reading

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Let’s Help trump Pick a VP

If there is one thing we’ve learned about donald trump over the course of his campaign it is that he will say anything to anyone at anytime, no matter how volatile, outrageous, spiteful, hurtful, malicious, petty and vengeful, so long as it complies with one key element, the sine quo non that must be present before he opens his mouth: It has to be a lie.

So, who among the gop landscape also says stuff like that, spiteful, outrageous statements, designed to incite and provoke their followers, and above all, that are out and out lies?

Unfortunately, the list is endless.

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But, for the consideration of the trump, here are a few suggestions among the very wide and diverse array of members of the gop who also care not an iota either for consequences or for truth:

gop Congressman Steve King of Iowa, perhaps most well know for his comments about the children of illegal immigrants: “for every child of
illegal immigrants ‘who’s a valedictorian, there’s another 100 out there who weigh 130 pounds and they’ve got calves the size of cantaloupes because they’re hauling 75 pounds of marijuana across the desert’.” Continue reading

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Will the gop Run To or Run From Trump?

The gop is great at ganging up and beating up on people. They love to deny school lunches and public assistance payments to kids whose parents cannot afford healthy, nutritious, or often times any, meals for them. They love to reduce or eliminate unemployment benefits to out-of-work men and women who’ve lost their jobs through outsourcing, plant closures and the moving of plants part and parcel across the oceans to other continents. They would love to – and they keep trying to – deny and reduce social security and medicare benefits to the elderly who worked their entire lives and cannot afford to survive in today’s

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society. They love to impose drug testing as a requirement for receiving public assistance benefits when in area after after area where it is imposed the cost of such programs is one hundred times to one thousand times the savings, with a minuscule percentage of recipients testing positive, while members of Congress and state legislatures and corporate boards go untested,

Yea, they beat up on the weakest segments of society, but never on the strongest. Continue reading

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Do-Nothing House? We’re Better Off than When They Act

The US House of Representatives under Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and now under Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) have month after month and year after year set records for the number vacation days taken and for the meager, microscopic number of bills passed. Some voters think that this is awful, that House members are not doing their jobs and are in fact stealing their salaries. Not true, not true at all. When the teabagger house actually shows up for work and passes bills, you can bet that the intent and purpose of such bills is one or more of the following, that America and its residents can do without:

    1) To deny needed benefits for the elderly, the disabled, the infirm, the homeless, the unemployed, that will make life for them even harder and more painful;

    2) To divert public money to private industry, further enriching the 1%;

    3) To remove government regulations and oversight that protects citizens and the environment, further enriching the 1%;

    4) To deprive women of their constitutional and/or moral right to health care including to legal medical procedures or to make access to such procedures so expensive, painful and/or difficult so as to effectively deprive them of such access;

    5) To impose overburdensome and inherently discriminatory requirements on voting that amount to voter suppression, done for the purpose of disenfranchising specific groups of Democratic-leaning voters;

Continue reading

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Rubio Grandstanding Finally Over – He Does His Job, Sort Of

Back in late December, I wrote about the phony anti-Castro past that former gop presidential candidate Marco Rubio had created in his deceitful quest for power, from a Florida state representative to the US Senate, and ultimately, he wished in his dreams, to

the Presidency. As part of his imaginative and apocryphal family history, Rubio took on the pose of a staunch anti-Communist, unwilling to normalize any aspect of US relations with Cuba.

As part of this massive guise, Rubio took it upon himself to throw a monkey wrench into US-Mexico relations, when it came time for his gop-controlled Senate to approve the President’s choice
for a new Ambassador to Mexico. In early 2015, Pres. Obama had nominated an outstanding and highly qualified choice, Continue reading

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Miserable People in the gop

Over the past few days, there have been several stories in the news about absolutely miserable people, some stories being widely disseminated and discussed, others not much. These stories involve politicians currently holding high offices, politicians who formerly held high offices, and political pundits whose opinions have been relied upon as the be all and end all on important issues.

So, what do these miserable people all have in common? All are republicans, that’s what.

One of the biggest stories of the past week was the sentencing of former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert to the unimaginably lenient term of 15 months in custody for the

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coverup of what the court described as "serial" child molestation. Hastert, ever the politician, issued a routine gop-style half-assed apology-not-an-apology, saying that he was sorry for "mistreating the boys". But, tucked away in the small print of this disgusting episode is the fact that 41 people, almost every one a current or
former politician, and every one a staunch republican, sent letters to the court pleading that Hastert be given leniency Continue reading

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The Honeymoon Is Over for LA Sheriff

In 2014, Los Angeles County voters elected former Long Beach Police Chief Jim McDonnell the county’s new Sheriff amid a plethora of scandals and criminal acts having been committed throughout the Sherif’s Department, from the least senior deputy levels to the very top echelon. Over the past two years, conviction after conviction has occurred, catching in a wide net even the top people in the department, including former long-time

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elected Sheriff Lee Baca, clearly the most dishonest person ever to hold the office in the long history of Los Angeles County, and his top deputy, former Undersheriff Paul Tanaka, each of whom will begin serving prison sentences sometime this year.

McDonnell was elected as a reformer and to being about change, bringing legality, and decency to the
Department and until now it has seemed, that he has been doing a fine job. But, that has now changed, and clearly by McDonnell’s refusal to take decisive action on an important matter, the honeymoon is over, and his judgement and actions must be called into question. Continue reading

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THE 2016 Words to Remember

Over our hundreds of years of presidential campaigns, many memorable statements have been uttered by presidents running for re-election, by future presidents, and by losing candidates. Some have been made on the campaign trail, some specifically for the tv camera, some during debates, and some best remembered by their inclusion in historical speeches. The current campaign has been replete with memorable statements from numerous candidates, but the vast majority of such memorable utterances are so memorable due to their inherent stupidity and idiocy. And, most of those have come from gop candidates such as marco rubio, jeb bush, ben carson, carly fiorina, ted cruz and

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donald trump. In fact, volumes can be filled with asinine statements from each of these geniuses, who have seen their presidential campaigns as means to insult the intelligence of every American clamoring for a better time, for a campaign on the vital issues of the day, and bottom line, for real candidates rather than this collection of clowns that the gop has paraded across the country for what seems like forever.
Continue reading

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The Unspoken Reason

The answer is simple, it is clear, and it is never mentioned in the media.

The question is, of course, why is there so little support for Bernie Sanders in the African-American community?

And the answer, the unspoken reason, is that for decades there has been, stoked by powerful religious leaders, pervasive anti-Semitism in the African-American community. It’s a fact, but commentators, pundits, community leaders and others, for whatever reasons, refuse to acknowledge it’s existence. It exists in all segments of the African-American community, but it is most virulent among the Nation of Islam and other

Muslims sects, and the fires of anti-Semitism for years and years were stoked by the words and actions of outspoken religious leaders such as Malcolm X and Louis Farrakhan, and by African-American community and Christian leaders including people like Marcus Garvey and Jesse Jackson.

Malcolm X’s virulent anti-Semitism included
him actually saying that “Jews were nazis” and lamenting that “only” 6,000,000 Jews were exterminated during World War II. Continue reading

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Big Money Doesn’t Alway Win


Agua HediondLagoon

Outrageous campaign spending usually means an easy win for the guys and corporations with the big bucks, but in smaller, local races where the people are informed, often it’s not enough to fool a majority of voters and ram through inferior, pre-bought candidates or ill-conceived, damaging initiatives designed to enrich those working for and spending big on their passage.

We saw this recently in Richmond, CA, where after years of battling with the city over attempts to enforce environmental regulators, restrictions and fines for years of illegal and dangerous emissions from their oil refinery, Chevron Corp decided to buy their own mayor and city council. The company spent in excess of $3 Million to try to win three council seats in a city of 107,000, but local citizens didn’t buy into the lies and manipulation, defeating every Chevron candidate, despite Chevron’s opponents being outspent 30 to one. Continue reading

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