ACA Drags Uncaring Hospitals to Safer Procedures

There is no question that the purpose of the United States health care industry, the Medical-Industrial Complex, is dedicated to one thing and one thing only, and that is profit. The history of medical care and the delivery of medical care in the United States clearly demonstrates without equivocation that their focus has been to treat, and treat and treat and treat, but not to cure, and to limit their liability to those who suffer due to their actions and failures to act. From the system of hospital and outpatient care engrained in our system to the health insurance industry, to Big Pharma, standard operating procedure

is to provide the cheapest care for which they can charge the highest prices, and make the consumer pay the highest sums possible through insurance premiums, deductibles, co-pays, uncovered procedures, and of course for the uninsured, for everything they may have assets to cover.

Periodically, the Medical-Industrial Complex stages a coup, and, as they did in California, creates a phony “healthcare crisis” based on phony assertions that Continue reading

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Hastert’s a Felon – Time to End the Hastert Rule!

In a sweetheart plea bargain condemned by many across a broad spectrum of politics and the criminal justice system, former Speaker of the House J. Dennis Hastert (R, IL) has now plead guilty to one felony for what was essentially a money laundering scheme intended to hide a seven-figure payoff made to continue the concealment of illegal activities in which Hastert engaged decades earlier. The outrageous part of the plea bargain is not the fact that the additional felonies are being dismissed, but that for a crime

that normally brings about a ten-year prison sentence, Hastert will serve maybe as much as six months, and may get no jail time at all. But that is not the issue his felony plea engenders. What is much more important is the continuing implications on the daily lives of millions of Americans due to the continuing adherence in Congress to the “unofficial” but gop-sacroscanct “Hastert Rule”.
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Carson the Leader in gop Lie-Fest

Trump - Carson Truth MeterWednesday night’s gop lie-fest that they dared to call a “debate” was led in the category of most egregious intentional misstatement of fact by “the most ignorant and uninformed” of them all, ben carson, who had the audacity to tell the moderator and the world, among so many falsehoods they could not be counted, that he had NO involvement with the discredited supplement purveyor, Mannatech, that had claimed for years that its products cured Downs syndrome, cystic fibrosis, cancer, multiple sclerosis, AIDS and other serious diseases. As it turned out, not only did its products totally fail to cure anything, but in some cases they were dangerous and even contained ingredients such as ephedrine that were lethal and eventually banned. In 2008, Mannatech agreed to pay $11.5 million to settle a class action lawsuit brought by the attorney general of Texas (the company’s home state) to compensate victims of the company’s false, outrageous and dangerous claims. Continue reading

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Ben Carson: Uncaring, Ignorant, Misinformed

Yesterday I made a brief reference to Ben Carson, the most ignorant and uninformed presidential candidate ever to register the level of support that he continues to receive, barely a year away from a presidential election:

“Never before has there been a public figure so educated and brilliant in one field yet so utterly and totally ignorant and uninformed regarding everything else in life and in the world, as Ben Carson. The question regarding the book he is promoting is not who wrote it for him, but rather, who read it to him…”

Looking more deeply into Carson’s stated positions on a variety of issues is just plain, eco-kitchen superstore
plain scary, and demonstrates both his closed-minded ignorance and total lack of compassion for his fellow man. Was this disdain for the suffering and needs of others part of his “bedside manner” as a physician? Was his outright hatred for the majority of others with whom he would have contact in his daily activities as a physician a primary reason for his leaving the medical profession?

In looking into a variety of issues, it becomes an unmistakable reality that his positions are based on his
ignorance of the truth in a variety of areas and on his dogmatic personal views of society. Take for example his stated views on the failed “War on Drugs”. Continue reading

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Catching Up A Bit – Thoughts Re November, 2016

Note: I have been away from blogging, here and on other blogs, due to the bulk of my time being taken up by a four-month-long major project, that is now behind me. My absence here had nothing to do with blogging, politics, or anything other than my total lack of available time to research, write and post.



The Presidential election race is over. The next presidency was won yesterday through the magnificent performance of Hillary Clinton, provided for all the world to see, in a room full of functional, ultra-partisan illiterates.


d. trump continues to take questions from the press and from the public at event after event, yet no one will ask him the two questions that when exposed will end his presidential run: Continue reading

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Trump on Immigration Could Not Be More Wrong

From the first moment of his presidential campaign to this weekend’s Meet the Press appearance and release of “his” immigration plan, donald trump could not be more wrong in either his characterization of current immigration issues or problems, or in his supposed solutions to such problems.

The “problems” trump has lambasted include his view that the Mexican government has sent rapists and murderers across their border to the US, with resultant massive amounts of crime being committed by illegal immigrants, and that the 11 million or so illegals in the US are a drain on society, taking taxpayer money for social benefits while contributing
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Trump on Meet The Press: Still Sliding By

donald trump was the subject of a lengthly interview on Meet the Press this morning, but as with all other questioners meeting with trump since his entry into the 2016 presidential race, Chuck Todd generally failed to ask the tough questions or to follow up after outrageous, absurd responses from trump.

When asked about abortion, trump did say he supports exceptions for the all-inclusive ban under any and all circumstances that has become the single number one position of importance to virtually every gop office seeker. However, while he said he supports exceptions for rape, incest, and the impending death of the mother, he made light of another needed exception, the health of the mother being jeopardized by pregnancy. He sees no middle ground, death or no exception, and was unwilling to attempt to understand or accept the possibility that a serious health problem could exist with serious and debilitating and potentially life-changing non-fatal effects; that does not matter unless Continue reading

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The REAL Questions for Trump

Part Two: His Long-Standing Record of Discrimination in Rental Housing.
(Yesterday – Part One: Trump University)

In my August 27, 2013 post “donald trump exposed – Again”, I briefly described the federal complaints filed back in the 1970s against donald trump’s real estate companies, wherein the US Department of Justice alleged widespread discrimination based on race throughout his residential rental practices. and the New York Times have written about these complaints and the facts upon which they were based, but in light of

trump’s continued recitations of extreme racism - both in his leadership in the “birther” movement and in his more recent diatribes alleging that the Mexican government sends rapists and murderers to the US - these issues need to be brought front and center by reporters covering the presidential election campaign.

The government’s formal allegations first came in 1973, with the Dept. of Justice filing a racial discrimination lawsuit against trump companies, alleging violations of the Fair Housing Act. The New York Times reported the basis of the claims as follows:

The Essential Bernie Sanders and His Vision for America Various formats
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Press: Start Asking Trump REAL Questions


The media love-fest with Donald Trump has to end, and the supposed “Journalists” who are covering him and who are ignoring real issue and lobbing softballs at his press conferences are abdicating their responsibilities to the electorate. Trump has many skeletons in his many, many closets, and it’s time for the press to starting asking about them.

Part One of Two: Trump University

On August 27, 2013, long before his presidential run began, I wrote “donald trump exposed – Again”, describing the numerous and serious allegations included in a massive lawsuit asking for $40 Million in damages, filed by New York’s Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman. As to the nature of the claims, I wrote that the lawsuit alleged:Help fundraise for schools in need while shopping at The Ultimate Green!
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Most Conservative Supreme Court Ever Is Too Liberal For Some

The backlash among right wing extremists and your run-of-the-mill Obama haters to today’s Supreme Court ruling that correctly interpreted the intent of the Affordable Care Act to validate federal health care exchange subsidies has been breathtaking to observe. The criticism of the Court in general and Chief Justice John Roberts in particular, has been not merely entertaining,but roll-on-the-floor laughing funny. To understand just

how funny this all is, it has to be understood that this Court is almost without question, the most conservative US Supreme Court in the country's history, under whatever criteria one may wish to make a measurement.

In a post last year, "John Paul Stevens, Marijuana, and the Politics of the Supreme Court", I referred to a couple of ongoing

studies that keep track of such things, in particular the Martin-Quinn score*, Continue reading

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An Unholy Four Embrace Treason

The people who run the republican party, rush limbaugh, ann coulter and william kristol, were joined this week by conservative “Democrat” Jim Webb in issuing pro-Confederate flag – anti-USA statements so off the wall and outright treasonous that one has to wonder how, for the first three of them, they continue to be so embraced by the super-patriot gop base, and on the part of the fourth, Webb, how someone so out of touch with liberal and progressive beliefs could even consider running for the party of the left’s presidential nomination.

Webb, a former US Senator from Virginia, has always been a "Blue-Dog", right-of-center pseudo-Demo on several key issues, including firearms, immigration, and government spying and Patriot Act abrogation of constitutional rights, but now he has separated himself totally from mainstream liberal thought as he refused to join the chorus of statespersons and
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For Larry Hogan, Karma Can Be Tough To Face

While I am a firm believer in free will, as opposed to determinism or the belief that some mythological figure can control the minutia of the daily lives of a few billion humans, not to mention billions more animals, not to mention respond to a few billion daily requests for free stuff (you know, like the gop says the Democratic base only exists to ask for and receive), I do think that maybe karma can have an effect on how personal choices, unintended consequences, and what can best be described as the luck of the draw, turn out in the end. Accordingly, we have instances of the actions and consequences of the actions of public figures to examine and evaluate in light of all this. Today we have a striking example in the persona of the republican governor of Maryland, one Larry Hogan.

Hogan was elected to that state's highest office last November, following the tenure of the prior governor, progressive Democrat Martin O'Malley. It was Hogan's first election to public office, and his biggest prior claim to fame had been the fact that he had worked for former congressman John Rousselot during Rousselot's tenure in Congress in the late
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1970s. Rousselot of course is most remembered as being the public relations voice of the John Birch Society for many years, when he served as their Western Regional Director. As one would think, once Hogan took office, his extreme right wing agenda took center stage*. A big part of this was to do whatever damage he could do to the Affordable Care Act and its Maryland medicaid program. Continue reading

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