DERANGED LUNATIC in the Oval Office

DERANGED LUNATIC is the only term that now can be used to describe 45 after today’s “deep state justice dept” out-to-get-him tweets.

The only real question to ask is how much longer can this country survive his continued occupancy of the oval office?

And do we actually deserve to survive? Electing the deranged lunatic pathological narcissistic sociopathic illiterate racist criminal pussygrabbying moron could well mean that we have given up every value and belief sacred to this nation and that it is time to reassess who and what we are and how we have allowed archaic electoral college and gerrymandering systems to allow a violent, dangerous minority to elect this piece of shit and put the entire country in such jeopardy.

In other 45 news (Tweets) today, he has taken credit for the last eight years of ZERO deaths on US Commercial Airline flights (for a renewed effort now coming to destroy the Air Traffic Control system) and he has threatened a violent overthrow of the Iranian government. And he wants to put in jail – no indictment, trial or verdict, just jail – more and more political opponents. I almost expect to see mitt romney added to that list, now that 45’s ass-kissing puppet orrin hatch has decided not to run for re-election, opening the door for romney to win hatch’s seat in November. A long-term question to ask is does romney, if elected, have the guts to stand up to 45 as a real anti-45 voice among gop Senators or would he be just another cow-towing subservient wimp?

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The President’s Week in Lies: Dec 25-31, 2017

An average week of lies and deceit from the 45th President was capped off by a revealing apparently off-the-cuff interview with a New York Times reporter. It was very easy to see through the mountain of lies 45 strung together, but it took the Washington Post to write the definitive review, that showed that 45 was almost able to provide one lie per minute over the 30-minute interview – and most of them were so patently false and outrageous that it is sooooo difficult to even keep reading. Judge for yourself: In a 30-minute interview, President Trump made 24 false or misleading claims

This week also Kali Holloway writing for compiled a frightening list of 45’s lies that were directly culled from fox fixed news noise, foisted off on the American public as true. Some of these were really outrageous, and of course, considering the source, many were conveyed for the purpose of criticizing President Obama for, well you know, stuff he didn’t do: 5 of the Worst Fox News Lies and Errors Repeated by Donald Trump

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Then on there is the lying evil pick by 45 to be Ambassador to the Netherlands, Peter Hoekstra, who lied over and over on tape to a Dutch reporter, setting the stage for major problems with another of our greatest allies: Sending Evil Peter Hoekstra to the Netherlands

This past week on, we posted several articles all about 45’s most recent disgusting, putrid lies,

45’s Wednesday Big Lie Was a Doozie

45, the gop and fox: The Lie as a Form of Art

And this one where 45’s Justice Department continues to take law-abiding protestors to trial facing felony charges, for crimes that they did not commit. Now THOSE are lies for the ages: 45’s Current Assault on the First Amendment

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The Truly Stupid and Gullible Nikki Haley Exposed

Back when she was governor of South Carolina, Nikki Haley made national headlines for ordering the removal of the Confederate Battle Flag from in front of the state capitol following the horrendous mass shooting at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina. Prior to the flag’s removal, I wrote how Haley was a fraud who fully supported the flag and for what it stood, and how she based political decisions, including the continued flying of the flag, on what big business CEO’s told her to do. (“True Evil: The Defense of the Confederate Flag”). After she had the flag removed, I then wrote about how the totality of the facts surrounding the flag, and Haley’s statements, actions and views demonstrated that she was either 1) totally oblivious, 2) incredibly stupid, or 3) a racist herself, and that her change of heart from defender of the flag to having it removed was due to political expediency and nothing more (“Opportunist Nikki Haley Should Not Be Praised For Doing the Right Thing”).

Her appointment as US Ambassador to the United Nations, with absolutely zero

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experience in international affairs, was an abomination, as have been most of such high level appointment made by 45. Unfamiliar with the Hatch Act, Haley has been reprimanded by the Office of Special Counsel for continuing to use her twitter account to tweet in support of political candidates after assuming a high level position in the executive branch of the Federal government, and she has received well-earned criticism for such things as, despite the United States’ long-time opposition to foreign country’s use of the death penalty as punishment for such acts as “postasy, blasphemy, adultery and consensual same-sex relations”, voting against a United Nations resolution condemning such use of capital punishment.

Over and over, she has demonstrated her evil makeup, but now, a recent event shows more about her character than ever imagined to be the case from such a high-ranking government official, and directly in her supposed area of expertise (snicker).

Numerous press reports over the last couple of days have detailed how Haley was ”pranked” by a pair of Russian comedians, but this is much more than a funny prank pulled on a celebrity – it reveals Haley’s total ignorance of world affairs Continue reading

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45’s Wednesday Big Lie Was a Doozie

For months, 45, the LAZIEST person to EVER occupy the Oval Office, a pos who has spent fully 1/3 of his first 11 months in office ON VACATION, even lying about when he is playing golf, which has been virtually every weekend since the inauguration, has said over and over again how much work he has gotten done (cough), how much he has achieved (choke) and specifically that he has signed a record number of bills (call 911).

Yesterday, taking a few minutes out of his busy schedule of tweeting, eating and choosing the day’s golf attire, 45 made a visit to a local firehouse near his mir-a-lego cash cow/donor meet-up dive bar, where he ignored the firefighters to lavish the usual praise on ….. himself.

Amongst his usual litany of lies, 45 said the following:

“We have signed more legislation than anybody, …We have more legislation passed, including – the record was Harry Truman a long time ago, and we broke that record, so we got a lot done.”

But this comes only a couple of days after a report from (a site that tracks bills in Congress) which tracked the actual number of bills signed into law by each of the last NINE presidents, going back to the last great republican, Dwight David Eisenhower, and guess what? 45 is DEAD LAST in number of bills signed among presidents over the last 64 years during their first year in office! See the chart they so painstakingly prepared:

Comparison of Bills Signed INto Law Among Recent Presidenct

One must also consider the nature the bills that have passed Continue reading

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45, the gop and fox: The Lie as a Form of Art

For almost three decades, the vile propaganda arm of the republican party known as fox fixed news noise has made a fortune poisoning the airwaves and the minds of unsuspecting, ignorant victims of mind games and outright deceit by propagating one despicable lie after another, lies designed to empower the gop and in so doing enrich the wealthiest individuals and corporations that seek little more than control of the United States government in order to institutionalize their single-minded business practices of creating profit and protecting wealth. In such politicians as paul ryan and mitch mcconnell, their cohorts and their predecessors, they built a network of hand maidens whose only task was to remake laws and regulations and the thought processes of millions of gop lemmings into their personal social and economic slaves, disdaining the needs of hundreds of millions of people made subservient to their desire for overwhelming riches and power. With the election of the 45th president of the United States, they achieved the ultimate goals of 1) consolidated power and 2) a leader who has no morality, ethics or

compassion and who would not tell the truth about the time of day, let alone about political, economic and social reality.

Numerous publications have documented the ongoing, pervasive, continuous stream of lies that emanate from the occupier of the Oval Office. Continue reading

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45’s Current Assault on the First Amendment

US Constitution, First Amendment:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; OR THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE PEACEABLY TO ASSEMBLE, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Numerous actions of the administration of the current occupier of the Oval Office have been undertaken for the sole purpose of stifling free speech – all speech, if possible, that is critical of 45, whether it is from the press, from other politicians, from peaceful protestors, or from any other source. The most noteworthy and consistent manifestation has been 45’s personal and constant assault on the free press, with his chants of “fake news” to each and every media outlet that dares tell the truth about him, his administration, his personal activities and transgressions, his policies and his actions. But slightly less visible and

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lurking just behind all this has been the attempted legal assault against the first amendment rights of individuals to engage in simple peaceful protest.

This past week, however, much of this is coming to light as the first of the large number of persons arrested almost a full year ago at the inauguration are finally getting their day in court, following the egregious actions of the Department of Justice in filing felony charges against people who did no more than march in protest on that fateful day last January.

Of the hundreds of people who were arrested that day, slightly over 200 people had charges filed against them, charges that carry with them penalties of up to ten years in prison, Continue reading

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Desecrating the Dept. of the Interior

This past week the occupier of the Oval Office astounded the political world and the American public when he had one of his highest-ranking appointees, Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke, contact Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan, US Senators from the state of Alaska, to threaten them and the people of Alaska, due to Murkowski having dared to offend the chief executive by voting no to beginning “debate” on the repub health care proposal in the Senate. As Murkowski is not up for re-election until 2022 and Sullivan until 2020, direct threats to them alone were clearly insufficient, so the Interior Dept. hit man threatened a denial or curtailment of administration support for projects that support the economic growth of and energy and employment development in Alaska. Thus, it was a threat to the citizens of a sovereign US state.

Not one to be intimidated, Sen. Murkowsk stuck to her guns, and her values, and was one of three repubs to vote no on the actual health care destruction bill, two days later.

But this is par for the course for Zinke, who is in the process of sticking to the business of the Department of the Interior, and gop values, which means the end of the National Parks

We Use to Have REAL Leaders

Kennedy for President Vintage Look Reproduction Metal Sign
Kennedy for President Vintage Look Reproduction Metal Sign
Lincoln for President Vintage Look Reproduction Metal Sign
Lincoln for President Vintage Look Reproduction Metal Sign

System as we know it. Previously kept pristine for the use and enjoyment of millions of visitors per year, and for future generations, our National Parks and Monuments are now parcels of undeveloped land over which it is now the business of the Interior Dept. to turn over to developers and the fossil fuel industry, Continue reading

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Yet Another Knife into the Heart of the EPA

But first, some relevant information about coal:

One of the big campaign promises oft repeated during the 2016 presidential election was that of “bringing back coal”, a promise so deceitful as to defy any sense of logic. As President Obama so famously stated during one of the 2012 presidential debates in response to a Mitt Romney criticism that the US Navy had fewer ships than in the past, Obama stated that the military “also had fewer bayonets”, clearly making the point that progress marches on and that what was needed in 1920 was no longer useable in the 21st century. Centuries of coal mining caused hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of formerly able-bodied men to suffer excruciating, debilitating illnesses, injuries and untimely deaths, but the lack of energy alternatives made the industry a necessity. In society today, however, the need for coal is virtually nonexistent, and will be totally nonexistent, perhaps by the end of this decade. Replaced by modernization in manufacturing, transportation, and commercial and residential heating, and now too expensive for virtually any use due to the flow of cheap natural gas, the coal industry is dead and no effort at resuscitation could ever again make it profitable, though of course

Burn Out: The Endgame for Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuel industry observer Dieter Helm explains how the global move toward the "internet-of-things" will inexorably reduce the demand for oil, gas, and renewables - and prove more effective than current efforts to avert climate change.

misplaced government policy and resultant subsidies could expand its existence as a folly of magnificent proportions, and regrettably, that seems to have been the plan of the current administration.

Let there be no worry that the current administration is actually friendly to coal workers (as opposed of course to bring “friendly” to the ownership of what is left of the coal industry – much more on that to follow) as the initial releases of the administration’s proposed budget included massive cuts to federal programs such as the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) and the U.S. Economic Development Administration, which do what? Oh, yes, they re-train coal miners to work in other, growing, expanding industries. Continue reading

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