Politicalizing the Judiciary Even More

In the 1960s and 1970s, and into the 1980s, California had the most progressive and socially conscious Supreme Court of any state in the country. On the court were some of the greatest judicial minds of the era, and they produced scores of intelligent, well-researched and substantive decisions that provided immeasurable social benefits to the poor, the elderly, the disadvantaged, the disabled, and for what was to happen, to people who suffered injuries and damages at the hand of others. But the court also respected the human dignity and constitutional rights of those incarcerated, and numerous decisions protected those rights as well.

In 1986, under California law, three Supreme Court justices faced a public election for re-confirmation. In an unprecedented campaign, Chief Justice Rose Elizabeth Bird and Associate Justices Cruz Reynoso and Joseph Grodin, the heart of the slim liberal majority on the seven-person Court, were the targets of a massive and successful effort to defeat them. Continue reading

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The Darrell Issa Dumping Mystery Solved, and it’s All Benghazi

One of the big mysteries of the past week was why the number one con man in Congress, the clown of all clowns of the gop circus, Darrell Issa, was removed as chairman of the House Oversight Committee. As has been so well publicized over the past couple of years, Issa has had one hearing after another, driving the non-issue of Benghazi far, far, into the ground. Never finding a single fact to back up the baseless allegations he espoused over and over again to any creature with a microphone, and not just the airheads masquerading as newspeople on fox fixed news noise, but elsewhere as well, Issa came up empty time and time again, his arrogance and conceit growing with every passing misstep and mistake.

Well, perhaps the question of why he was unceremoniously dumped by his gop brethren may have been answered today. Continue reading

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The Issue of Executive Orders on Immigration, and on Slavery

On April 22, 1793 President George Washington issued the first ever executive order, which, bypassing Congress, instructed federal officers to prosecute any citizens who interfered in the war between France and England. GOP President Theodore Roosevelt was the first President to exceed one thousand executive orders while in office. ronald reagan issued close to 400 executive orders, george w bush just under 300, and Barack Obama has yet to reach 200.

The US Supreme Court has twice discussed the issue of executive orders, first in the landmark 1952 case of Youngstown Sheet & Tube v Sawyer, and again in 2012 in the case of Arizona v United States. The bottom line as determined by these cases, is that the President has wide discretion to issue executive orders Continue reading

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Two-Faced Boehner Hits New Low For Hypocrisy

Before today’s Senate vote defeating the latest oil industry/gop effort to force the completion of the preposterous Keystone XL pipeline on unwitting, oblivious, America, tea bagger house speaker John Boehner took to the nearest microphone to issue a tirade replete with anger, disrespect, and above all, hypocrisy. Boehner referred to polls that show that building the pipeline is favored by a majority of the people when he said the following:

“Tonight, the Senate has an important opportunity to send a bill to build the Keystone pipeline to the president’s desk. And let’s be clear about this: A Keystone pipeline veto would send the signal that this president has no interest in listening to the American people. Vetoing an overwhelmingly popular bill would be a clear indication that he doesn’t care about the American peoples’ priorities. It would be [the] equivalent of calling the American people ‘stupid.’”

Continue reading

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Impeachment? Bring It On, gop, Bring It On!

Now THIS is the Barack Obama that we thought we elected in 2008 and again in 2012, an Obama will will stand up for what is right in the face of not just overpowering gop opposition, but also to low approval ratings in great part precipitated by misinformation and the abject failure of Democrats to stand behind their principals and accomplishments.

The unprecedented successes of Obama’s economic policies, including but not limited to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, otherwise known as The Stimulus”, increasing the minimum wage required to be paid by federal contractors, of the Dodd-Frank Act, of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, and of the of the Patient Rights and Affordable Care Act, are basically unknown to millions of Americans. Continue reading

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The gop Has Truly Found the Ultimate Bottom Feeder

In a year

  • Where the gop has elected to the US Senate Joni Ernst, who has said that she would not hesitate to use her handgun against government officials who do not respect her rights;
  • Where the gop has elected to the US Senate Cory Gardner, who believes that life begins at conception, making illegal all abortions and most birth control;
  • Where the gop has re-elected to Congress Michael Grimm, who is under indictment for dozens of felonies involving millions of dollars in unreported income and and other massive frauds;
  • Where the gop has re-elected as governor of Georgia Nathan Deal, who wants to see hospitals have the right to turn away any and all uninsured people regardless of the fact that they are in the stages of heart attacks, strokes, or massive bleeding; and
  • Where the gop in Wisconsin has elected to Congress Glenn Grothman, who as a state legislator introduced bills to 1) re-instate the seven-day work week and eliminate paid sick leave, 2) to classify single parenthood as a contributing factor in child abuse, 3) to prohibit early and weekend voting, 4) to prohibit the disinfection of municipal water supplies, among many others.

Continue reading

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I Wonder Why There is No Respect for Government Authority?

Alhambra, CA Memorial Defaced by VandalsThis photo shows the results of vandals having defaced a public memorial at the Alhambra, CA civic center. Law enforcement, local officials, and members of the public wonder why this happens, why there is such a lack of respect for authority in general and for government representatives and property specifically.

The answer is really crystal clear, and you have to look no further than this week’s election, and my post from a few days ago, “Where Is The OUTRAGE When Right Wing IDIOTS Advocate TREASON?” Continue reading

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My Response to Criticism of My After-Election Post

I have received considerable criticism after posting this last night: “USA: 1776-2014. RIP”

(Why people post on Facebook and not here, I’ll never understand, or accept.)

I STAND BY EVERY THING I SAID AND WOULD NOT CHANGE A WORD. The head of the republican party, rush limbaugh, said today that republicans were NOT ELECTED TO GOVERN but rather to STOP OBAMA. Ted Cruz, the poster boy for reactionary wackos who are now in power has said that they will repeal Obamacare, which would destroy the most successful health insurance reform in US history and take more than 10 million people off of health insurance, and they will stop Obama’s “lawlessness”, but could not name a single specific instance of such conduct. Continue reading

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USA: 1776-2014. RIP

Watching the results from around the country, I sit here DISGUSTED! How can so many vote for the Koch Bros. platform of destroying the country for their personal economic gain; the middle class will soon cease to exist, as will clean air, drinkable water, national parks, the system of public education that was the engine that drove this country for two centuries, and woman’s rights – the MISERABLE PIECE OF SHIT that was just elected to the Senate from Colorado will work to end all birth control and give all the constitutional rights they want to deny living, breathing citizens, to whatever is located inside a uterus a millisecond after intercourse. The next two years will be the most miserable in the long history of this country, but there is hope that the more these fuckers get what they want, the sooner the people will open their eyes and vote for their interests in 2016, and save our society. Our society is being destroyed from within and the people who vote for Gardner, Ernst, Tillis, McConnell, Roberts, Scott, Walker, LePage, and the rest need to be the first to suffer the pain and sorrow of what they have done.

These people are NOT conservatives, they are reactionaries, who want a 17th century feudal society, ruled by overlords who control 99.9% of the wealth and every aspect of the lives of their slaves, who are denied basic health care including contraception, a safe work environment, uncontaminated food and water, and clear air to breath, and above all, the enjoyment of life. The right to vote? Surely , you jest.

Nathan Deal, just re-elected governor of Georgia, has said that federal laws requiring hospitals to treat critically ill patients should be repealed, giving them the right to turn way people who will then soon die from heart attacks, strokes, or gunshot wounds.

And don’t forget the racism. A gop majority in the Senate will unquestionably result in impeachment proceedings against a President whose moderate positions and strong economic successes, had he been a white republican, would have put him up there second only in their hearts and minds to their miserable idol, r reagan, the actual worst president this country has ever seen.

Apart form the election, I’ve had a really miserable day, and coming home to all this has me upset, bitter and after a couple of drinks, absolutely disgusted with my fellow American citizens. Maybe tomorrow or the next day I’ll regret some of what I written here and elsewhere, but maybe not.

The truth hurts.

Addendum – as I was about to post this, word has come in the the gop has taken over control of the Senate with the election of Joni Ernst in Iowa, who will become the most miserable, disgusting piece of shit in the Senate, a woman who has bragged that if government agents deny her the rights she thinks she is entitled to, that she would use her firearm to defend those alleged rights. THIS IS WHAT THE PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY ELECT TO THE SENATE? FOR SHAME. FOR SHAME!

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Democrats and Independents: We Must SAVE THE SENATE!

The last few years have seen the mockery made of the Congressional hearing system by lunatic tea party whack jobs in general and Darrell Issa in particular, with costly, time consuming hearing after hearing, fueled by promises of findings of wrongdoing that only exists in their own minds and in the lies they spew forth to their fox fixed news noise overlords, and to the public. When they bother to show up for work, which thankfully is not often. The least productive Congress in history is about to end with a disgusting record of failure and gridlock and obstinance and partisanship never, ever before seen in our history. With significant problems facing the citizenry in economic matters, in health care needs, in firearm safety, in environmental matters, in foreign affairs, and in having a government that can run itself Continue reading

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Lunacy, Fear-Mongering Over Ebola Reaches New Heights in Arizona

I never thought that the absolute lunacy over the NON-EXISTENT threat to Americans of ebola could ever surpass what has transpired in the state of Maine, caused there by the acts and idiocy of unquestionably the STUPIDEST MAN EVER ELECTED GOVERNOR IN ANY US STATE, EVER, Paul LePage, the idiot who holds that office in Maine. LePage, the tea party scumbag who became infamous nationally for his lunatic partisan act of removing the mural depicting the History of the Labor Movement from the State Department of Labor building, created a national furor over his unconstitutional harassment and false imprisonment of heroic nurse Kaci Hickox. But now, in the fascist state of Arizona, new levels of stupidity have been reached. Continue reading

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New York’s 11th Congressional District Says It All

Staten Island, New York is home to the state’s 11th Congressional District, and with the mid-term election three days away, the polling of voters in the 11th dramatically shows exactly what is wrong with US voters, and how their priorities, values, and voting patterns can make one wonder just how far awry the grand experiment of democracy has gone.

gop incumbent Michael Grimm, who has become known to the American public this year for two things, and two things only, neither of which has anything to to with his duties as a member of Congress, is leading his Democratic opponent Domenic Recchia, according to a Siena College poll, by 19 points, 53% to 34%. Continue reading

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