Los Angeles District Attorney Fails Badly

After 12 long, torturous years suffering under the yolk of incompetent, prejudiced anti-union District Attorney Steve Cooley, the people of the county elected Jackie Lacey with a mandate to make significant changes in the way the office was run. For the past three years, it appeared that she had succeeded in bringing a new atmosphere and new priorities to the office that had been so totally mismanaged under Cooley.

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But when it came down to something immensely important, Lacey has also grievously failed the residents of Los Angeles County.

One of the blackest times in the history of Los Angeles area law enforcement was early February, 2013, when virtually every police officer and sheriff across Southern California was engaged in the
manhunt for Christopher Dorner, and when law enforcement officers across Southern California put aside proper police procedures and common sense, and reverted to a vigilante attitude, putting every law-abiding resident in several counties at risk. Continue reading

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Lies About Planned Parenthood Lead to Indictments

For months, the right wing, seemingly en masse, road the anti-abortion, anti Planned Parenthood train across the USA and through one election event after another, fueled by a set of concocted videos, allegedly showing that Planned Parenthood regularly engaged in various illegal activities, in particular the harvesting and selling of fetal tissue for profit. Religious extremists briefly latched on to the most incompetent and quite possibly the most deceitful of any of the gop presidential candidates, carly fiorina, when during an early debate she took the lies and untruths a step further, describing horrible scenes of a

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video that did not even exist. Her support quickly sunk when fly-by-night supporters learned that these events existed only in her head.

But driven by these videos, Congress renewed and stepped up efforts to destroy Planned Parenthood, red state governments did the same, and vicious and sometimes deadly terrorist attacks were taken
against Planned Parenthood offices around the country. Continue reading

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Does Trump Know What a “Campaign” Is?

Apparently, no.

Trump is running his “campaign” like a concert tour or, even more correctly, like a poetry reading, that is, as a love-fest for those who already have committed their soul and support, and only want to bask in the presence of their idol.

As documented this evening on the MSNBC show “All in with Chris Hayes”, by virtue of live interviews with people turned away from Trump’s event in the Bernie Sanders

stronghold of Burlington, Vermont, you had to pass a litmus test of being an actual, verified Trump supporter to enter the hall.

People lined up for several hours in the bitter cold, thousands and thousands of people, having been given supposed entry tickets to an event venue that holds mere hundreds, and they ultimately were subjected to cross examination by the
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trump Gestapo, and if you did not swear on your dearly departed mother’s grave that YES! YES! I AM a trump supporter, well, sorry, entry is VERBOTEN! Continue reading

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Has Anyone Actually Read the Heller Case?

Advocates for the unfettered sale, carry and use of firearms base in great part their argument for the constitutionality of these positions on the interpretation given the second amendment by the US Supreme Court in the 2008 case of District of Columbia v Heller, 554 U.S. 570.

They often cite Heller as authority for their belief that the second amendment provides a legal and constitutional basis for gun ownership and display on the part of each and every individual, unfettered by virtually any form of restriction by any governmental action.

One has to wonder if any of these people has ever actually read the Heller opinion or if they understand how the biased personal beliefs of the ultra conservative Supreme Court, and of the single most conservative Justice in the history of the Supreme Court who wrote the opinion, negated two centuries of legal precedent and the clear record of intent and meaning that led to the actual language of the
second amendment.

In Heller, the Court invalidated two District of Columbia gun safety laws, Continue reading

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More On Rubio’s Inherent Dishonesty

To start the new year off, here is a sad tale of a guy who had a lot of problems in his troubled life, and about whom many people would say he caused many troubles in the lives of others. At the end, we’ll explain how this story relates to gop presidential contender Marco Rubio, and how it’s just another serious instance demonstrating his inherent dishonesty, not unlike the massive lies he has told about the story of his family

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and their coming to America, discussed a few days ago.

It seems that in mid-December of 1987, an individual by the name of Orlando Cicilia was arrested on major drug trafficking charges in Miami, Florida. He and several others were subsequently charged with receiving, possessing, warehousing and distributing, and with conspiring to receive, possess, warehouse
and distribute, massive quantities of cocaine. Continue reading

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Rubio Puts Phony Anti-Castro Past Above His Senate Responsibility and US Needs

When Marco Rubio burst upon the Florida political scene, he told a compelling story about how his parents had fled Fidel Castro and Communist Cuba for a new, free life in the United States. He told the tale often enough to garner enough sympathy votes from a new, misinformed base that believed his tall tales and fox fixed news noise propaganda and was elected to the US Senate. His formal Senate biography featured more of his creative fiction

about his supposed family history.

Since, of course, the real facts of the Rubio clan have emerged, through investigations from the likes of Politifact.com, Mother Jones, the Huffington Post, the Washington Post, the New York Times, NPR, the Miami Herald, and, well, the
list goes on. The bottom line is that just about everything that Rubio said about his family’s past and their coming to the USA was a big, fat lie. Continue reading

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An Uninformed Voter is a gop Voter

From one extremist right wing red state to another, Constitutional rights have been stripped away from citizens, including the right to choose, the right to vote, the right to be secure and free from deranged domestic terrorists who with increased ease legally purchase arsenals of assault weapons and ammunition that they use on a close to daily basis to kill and maim. Now, however, a new tactic has been created by a traditionally moderate state that in recent years has elected republican legislators and a republican

governor that have done their best to destroy democracy as the world knows it.

In the formerly great state of Michigan, the 21st century first saw the state implement the concept of the “Emergency Manager” where their extremist dictator and pseudo-governor Rick Snyder has been able to replace duly elected local officials - mayors and city councils, school board members and
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others – with his appointed managers, who under their draconian state law are legally empowered to usurp power and control and enact and enforce whatever rules, laws and regulations they deem appropriate, as elected officials sit by, powerless to act. Continue reading

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Georgia Shootings, A Year and a Half Later

In March, 2014, I wrote about the pending “Safe Carry Protection Act” or more correctly, the “Guns Everywhere” bill that was about to be signed into law by Georgia governor Nathan Deal. The new law expanded the state’s open carry laws to allow loaded weapons to be brought into churches, government buildings, bars, airports and most schools, plus it extended the “Stand Your Ground” defense to convicted felons, authorized the use of silencers for hunting, and capped fines at $100.00 and eliminated confiscations for bringing loaded weapons through airport security.

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So, just how has that worked out?

Some statistics published this month seem to demonstrate exactly what many people feared - a substantial increase in mass shootings throughout the state. The bill was signed into law in March, 2014, and these are the facts: Through the full year of 2013, there were seven mass shootings in Georgia and through the first three months of 2014, January
Continue reading

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Marco Rubio: He Actually Said That?

In a gop presidential campaign that has seen donald trump expose a small part of the pervasive racism that infects every cell of his being and that has demonstrated the inherent deceitfulness of both ben carson and carly fiorina, who between them have yet to mouth a single truth among the litany of lie after lie after lie that constitutes the totality of their public utterances, the star of stars has now sprung ahead of them all, as a single statement from marco rubio has now shattered all known barriers, bursting forth with force and power cementing its spot as the stupidest words said throughout not just the current campaign, but just maybe throughout every presidential campaign, ever. As a guest on fox fixed news noises’ “fox and friends”, in a discussion about this weeks’ San Bernardino mass shooting and the fear of any sort of reasonable gun control, he actually said the following: Continue reading

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ACA Drags Uncaring Hospitals to Safer Procedures

There is no question that the purpose of the United States health care industry, the Medical-Industrial Complex, is dedicated to one thing and one thing only, and that is profit. The history of medical care and the delivery of medical care in the United States clearly demonstrates without equivocation that their focus has been to treat, and treat and treat and treat, but not to cure, and to limit their liability to those who suffer due to their actions and failures to act. From the system of hospital and outpatient care engrained in our system to the health insurance industry, to Big Pharma, standard operating procedure

is to provide the cheapest care for which they can charge the highest prices, and make the consumer pay the highest sums possible through insurance premiums, deductibles, co-pays, uncovered procedures, and of course for the uninsured, for everything they may have assets to cover.

Periodically, the Medical-Industrial Complex stages a coup, and, as they did in California, creates a phony “healthcare crisis” based on phony assertions that Continue reading

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Hastert’s a Felon – Time to End the Hastert Rule!

In a sweetheart plea bargain condemned by many across a broad spectrum of politics and the criminal justice system, former Speaker of the House J. Dennis Hastert (R, IL) has now plead guilty to one felony for what was essentially a money laundering scheme intended to hide a seven-figure payoff made to continue the concealment of illegal activities in which Hastert engaged decades earlier. The outrageous part of the plea bargain is not the fact that the additional felonies are being dismissed, but that for a crime

that normally brings about a ten-year prison sentence, Hastert will serve maybe as much as six months, and may get no jail time at all. But that is not the issue his felony plea engenders. What is much more important is the continuing implications on the daily lives of millions of Americans due to the continuing adherence in Congress to the “unofficial” but gop-sacroscanct “Hastert Rule”.
Continue reading

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Carson the Leader in gop Lie-Fest

Trump - Carson Truth MeterWednesday night’s gop lie-fest that they dared to call a “debate” was led in the category of most egregious intentional misstatement of fact by “the most ignorant and uninformed” of them all, ben carson, who had the audacity to tell the moderator and the world, among so many falsehoods they could not be counted, that he had NO involvement with the discredited supplement purveyor, Mannatech, that had claimed for years that its products cured Downs syndrome, cystic fibrosis, cancer, multiple sclerosis, AIDS and other serious diseases. As it turned out, not only did its products totally fail to cure anything, but in some cases they were dangerous and even contained ingredients such as ephedrine that were lethal and eventually banned. In 2008, Mannatech agreed to pay $11.5 million to settle a class action lawsuit brought by the attorney general of Texas (the company’s home state) to compensate victims of the company’s false, outrageous and dangerous claims. Continue reading

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