20 Years Ago, the Lying, Cheating, Stealing dick cheney Said NO!

dick cheney, the architect of george w bush’s foreign policy, domestic policy, and douche policy, formulated most every major aspect of the disaster that was the invasion of Iraq and the attempt to manage the country in the aftermath. Today, cheney not only continues to say that the invasion of Iraq was the right thing to do, but of course he blames President Obama for the crumbling of the artificial government and unstable society that they pieced together with popsicle sticks and Elmer’s Glue. Continue reading

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Too Bad Judgeships Are Political Appointments and Not Based on Merit

Throughout the years that I practiced law (1974-2001), it never ceased to amaze me to see so many men and women sitting as judges who had no business being there. While most judges were intelligent people, there were some who clearly were not. Many judges viewed their positions as ones of immense importance to society and took the time and effort to consider all relevant evidence and to reach fair and reasoned decisions, based on the law. Many, however, did not care about justice, fairness, evidence, or the law. Many viewed their positions as vehicles to advance their personal, political, and sometimes religious beliefs. The vast majority of judges sitting in Los Angeles Country, and I guarantee in other metropolitan areas, were drawn from giant law firms and had spent their legal careers representing big business and insurance companies, or were career prosecutors who never saw an innocent person unfairly charged with a crime. These judges had the interests of corporate profit and claims denial, and law & order, foremost in their minds, and were more than willing to protect such interests, while denying rights and recoveries from middle class and working class litigants, Continue reading

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Bob McDonnell: A Lifetime of Treachery, Trickery & Deceit

It isn’t that Bob McDonnell isn’t a slimy sonofbitch whose word and ethics and honor and loyalty aren’t worth a confederate dollar, but rather that so many people were hoodwinked into believing the opposite. “Governor Ultrasound” as he was known for a couple of years, embodies everything bad about politics, from his holier-than-thou fanatical religious platform that promised to turn Virginia into a theocracy, which he pretty well accomplished, to his sell-out to big business interests as evidenced by his attempts, both successful and not so much, to turn over the state’s assets and governance to private business interests. Unlike the post-trial statements from prosecutors that it was a “sad time for everyone” rather than a time to celebrate, it absolutely is a time to celebrate, a time to stand up and cheer that McDonnell’s phony persona has been stripped away, and that he has been revealed as the lying, self-centered, egotistical thief that he is. Continue reading

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Dick Cheney’s Halliburton Thieves Off the Hook for Gulf Disaster

BP Deepwater HorizonFour and one-half years after the infamous BP/Deepwater Horizon oil spill harmed irrevocably the environment of the Gulf Coast, killed and maimed wild life, and destroyed the lives and livelihood of millions of people, one of the prime culprits in the disaster, dick cheney’s Halliburton corporation, is now off the hook for their considerable part in the disastrous event, for a mere pittance. Continue reading

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Scary Results and Turnout in Arizona Primary

Earlier this week, I wrote about the primary election that was to take place in Arizona on Tuesday, and specifically about the First Congressional district, where three far-out gop candidates, Adam Kwasman, Gary Kiehne, and Andy Tobin, were vying to go up against the unopposed Democratic incumbent, Ann Kirkpatrick in the republican-leaning district. I described how each of them based major campaigns positions on outright lies, Kwasman on how he viewed the compassionless busing of immigrant Honduran children, with fear on there faces, Kiehne on how 99% of all mass shootings in he US were committed by Democrats, and Tobin that illegal immigrants sneaking over the border from the Middle East were bringing the Ebola virus into the US. Well, the kids Kwasman saw were US citizens on their way to a YMCA camp, Kiehne admitted that his source “was inaccurate and incorrect”, and, well, Tobin is just an idiot to believe and to say what he did, reminiscent of the “headless bodies” of immigrants littering the Arizona desert that governor Jan Brewer described during her 2010 campaign. Continue reading

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Guns DO Kill People

All the proof one needs is in the video of a nine-year-old girl, whose vacationing family thought that it would be a good idea to visit a firing range and let her learn how to shoot a fully automatic Uzi assault weapon. What could possibly go wrong – no responsible person thought beforehand.

As the video demonstrates, the experienced instructor showed the girl how to fire a single shot from the weapon, and then switched it to fully automatic mode, and let her fire away. The video shows the powerful recoil, and the weapon moving on its own power from her right to her left, with the barrel of the weapon aiming itself towards the instructor, as it continues to fire. The video stops before the fatal shots, but anyone watching what is there could see it coming: Continue reading

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Arizona’s 1st Congressional District: Typical Arizona

Arizona’s First Congressional District has seen major changes in its makeup over and over again, due to redistricting, fueled by partisan Gerrymandering. Despite the fact that the current officeholder, Ann Kirkpatrick, is a Democrat, it is a republican district, and voted for the gop presidential candidate in both 2008 and 2012, despite Kirkpatrick herself winning each time. The history of the district includes such former holders of the Congressional seat as both of the state’s current US Senators, the nondescript Jeff Flake and the senile war-monger, John McCain. Continue reading

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BuyPartisan App Tells You What Not To Buy

Do you ever wonder just who is benefiting from the money you spend when you buy everyday products that hundreds of millions of people in the USA use on a regular basis, and which might be purchased by far more people around the world? When you lay down three dollars for a plastic bottle of ketchup or 95¢ for a can of corn at the grocery, are you supporting a company’s agenda to donate millions to one political party or another, or the CEO’s personal support of a partisan politician who may have similar beliefs as you do, or, who may have beliefs that you find appalling? Well, you do not have to wonder any longer. Continue reading

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Insurance Industry Blank Check Paying Big for Prop 46 Lies

In the mid-1970s, the California medical malpractice insurance industry engineered a widespread scam on the medical profession and on the people of the state of California. They created a phony, engineered “medical malpractice crisis” where they imposed immense increases in premiums for liability insurance policies and even went so far as to say they could stop insuring doctors in various “high-risk” specialties. California doctors en masse spread the word to their patients that medical care could become more costly and harder to find, and California legislators bought into the plot and into the lies, and in 1975 passed M.I.C.R.A., the Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act of 1975, a far-reaching compilation of bills that had the effect of making it significantly harder for Californians who were victims of medical malpractice to recover damages for their injuries. Besides establishing absurd procedural roadblocks and significantly increasing the costs of pursuing such cases, the single biggest insult to victims with significant damages caused by the negligence of California doctors was the establishment of a cap on the amount of the non-economic damages, that is, damages for pain and suffering, that could be awarded in a any single claim. That amount was set in 1975 at $250,000, and in the intervening 39 years, that cap has been raised not one single cent. Continue reading

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The Myth of the Good Guy,….. With a Gun

Linda Maddox is a 63-year-old grandmother who lives in the Tampa, Fl. area. She lives with her son, Reginald, and his twin seven-year-olds, Tyler and Tyrique, in a five-bedroom home that she has owned for more than 25 years. Reginald works nights, leaving Linda and the two young kids home alone at night. However, neighbors such as 43-year-resident Sylvia Hehemann, say the area is safe, and have no qualms about walking around at night. Despite that, this past Monday evening, when Linda went to bed, the twins were asleep in her room, and feeling the need for extra security, she propped a chair up against the bedroom door, and checked her loaded .22-caliber pistol kept near her bed. In the early morning hours, Linda awoke to hear the scrapping sound of the chair sliding against her hardwood floor, and believed an intruder was trying to enter the bedroom. Linda grabbed her .22, and in the darkness, fired towards the door. When she heard the screams of a young boy, she realized there was no intruder. She had shot and critically wounded her seven-year-old grandson, Tyler. Continue reading

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The Proud Legacy of Senator Jim Jeffords

Sen. Jim JeffordsIt was the “dramatic move to the right” that caused one of its most intelligent, courageous and principled members to bolt the republican party, creating a dramatic change in the country’s power structure. Upset with the vast scope of its tax cuts for the rich and its opposition to funding the Americans with Disabilities Act, in May, 2001, yes, close to a decade before gop insanity reached the teabagger level of today, Senator Jim Jeffords of Vermont ended the 50-50 split of the US Senate and republican control by virtue of every vote being decided by the tie-breaker cast by vice president dick cheney, by leaving the republicans and becoming an Independent, but thereafter caucusing with and voting with the 50 Senate Democrats.

Sen. Jim Jeffords, a victim of Alzheimer’s Disease, died this week at the age of 80. His legacy is one of integrity, compassion, and Continue reading

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Rick Perry, Comedian

Some of the biggest laughs of the 2012 Presidential campaign were provided by Texas Governor Rick Perry, from his seemingly inebriated monologue in New Hampshire delivered in part while clutching a bottle of maple syrup, to his unforgettable triumvirate of federal agencies that he promised to close down, if just two things happened: His being elected president and his remembering just which three agencies he wanted removed. Now, following his indictment on charges of abusing the power of his office and of coercing a public servant, Perry has delivered if not the funniest line of his career, certainly the most ironic, stating with all seriousness that the criminal charges were the result of partisan politics. Continue reading

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