Right Wing Scare Tactics Avoid What Should Be Scaring People

The major assault of right wing campaigning as the election nears, among both politicians running for office and their media overlords, has been outrageous, deceitful scare tactics, designed to frighten voters into supporting outlandish positions. The two primary areas of such campaigning has been in lying about ebola and lying about a non-existent terror threat to this country from ISIS. What is worse is that there is a real threat to the health and well-being of every single person on American soil, and they either ignore that threat, or, with even more enthusiasm and vigor, support the mechanism and proliferation of the threat. Continue reading

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Where Is The OUTRAGE When Right Wing IDIOTS Advocate TREASON?

The words spoken:

“I have a beautiful little Smith & Wesson, 9 millimeter, and it goes with me virtually everywhere. But I do believe in the right to carry, and I believe in the right to defend myself and my family — whether it’s from an intruder, or whether it’s from the government, should they decide that my rights are no longer important.”

The recording of the words being spoken, to a crowd at the NRA and Iowa Firearms Coalition Second Amendment Rally in Searsboro, Iowa. on Aug. 25, 2012, a month after the Aurora, Colorado mass shooting Continue reading

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The U.S. Constitution Again Prevails Against Another Arizona Assault

Why is it so hard for so many people to grasp the concept of the US Constitution? What if the citizens of a state passed, by a significantly large margin, an initiative that said that it was illegal for any person to have in his possession, at any time or in any location within the state, a handgun? Would gun enthusiasts, would gun activists, would representatives of the nra say that the will of the people has been heard, and that the courts should not thwart the will of the people and overturn that new law, just because of that little thing known as the second amendment?

If the voters of a state overwhelmingly voted in favor of making the Baptist religion that state’s official religion, Continue reading

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Right Wing Lying Us Into War, Once More

A little more than a decade ago, george w bush and his cadre of charlatans and thieves lied this country into a disastrous, ill-conceived war in Iraq. It worked once, so why not again? As the country is scared and confused by the activities of the group known by names including ISIS, ISIL, Da’esh, and others, the right wing war machine is out in force, broadcasting outrageous lies, designed on one hand to denigrate the words and actions of Pres. Obama, and on the other hand, to influence the people that we have no alternative but an all-out war, including the use of ground troops.

The true facts fail to either constitute any type of direct threat to the United States or the the people, or to signify any urgency whatsoever to take any drastic steps to increase domestic security. So, the right wing big mouth liars, Continue reading

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AB 1014 – California’s New Tool To Combat Gun Violence

“Without a doubt, AB 1014 is one of the most egregious violations of civil liberties ever introduced in the California Legislature.”

-Charles H. Cunningham, Director, NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action

Tell that to the family and friends of 19-year-old George Chen;

Tell that to the family and friends of 20-year-old Cheng Yuan “James” Hong;

Tell that to the family and friends of 20-year-old Weihan “David” Wang.

Tell that to the family and friends of 22-year-old Katherine Breann Cooper;

Tell that to the family and friends of 20-year-old Christopher Ross Michaels-Martinez;

Tell that to the family and friends of 20-year-old Veronika Elizabeth Weiss; Continue reading

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The Mixed Legacy of Eric Holder

Certainly, all cabinet members serve at the will of the President and are beholden to follow policies as set by the President, but there is still a measure of discretion inherent in offices of the highest level, including that of Attorney General. For the most part through his tenure as one of the longest-serving Attorneys General in US history, Eric Holder determined much policy himself, though always mindful of the basic tone and direction set by the President. Thus, either through his following orders, both those set in stone and those more amorphous, or in utilizing his own discretion, Holder on one hand was a force for truth and justice in some areas, while failing miserably to blaze any course whatsoever in other areas. Continue reading

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Insight from the California republican Convention. And from Kansas

California’s republican party held it’s convention this past weekend, and discord and disunity were the overriding themes, beginning with the opening keynote when the party’s candidate viewed as having the best chance to win the party a statewide office declined to support the party’s nominee for the the state’s highest office.

Current Fresno mayor Ashley Swearengin, the gop nominee for state controller, who despite currently trailing Democrat Betty Yee by 14 points in the latest Field Poll, is seen as the party’s best bet to win a statewide race in several years and the party’s choice to open their convention, vividly displayed the party’s disunity when she indicated that she could vote to re-elect Democrat Jerry Brown to his fourth overall term as governor. Continue reading

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ISIS, ISIL or Da’esh: Money and Imperialism Rule, Common Sense and Reality Take a Backseat

Last night on Real Time, Bill Maher again cleared away much of the obfuscation and bluster, and hit on the realities of today, in the USA. He told the world, at least that portion of it that listens to the voices of the progressive left, that all this crap about ISIS or ISIL or Daʿesh or whatever it’s called this week, is just that, crap, that neither endangers us nor requires actions on our part.

Contrary to the rhetoric of right wing ideologues and blue-dog Democrats catering to the lowest common denominator for votes, middle east militants are not gathering at the US-Mexico border, about to invade us in order to commit vicious, inhumane atrocities on every US citizen in their path. Continue reading

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20 Years Ago, the Lying, Cheating, Stealing dick cheney Said NO!

dick cheney, the architect of george w bush’s foreign policy, domestic policy, and douche policy, formulated most every major aspect of the disaster that was the invasion of Iraq and the attempt to manage the country in the aftermath. Today, cheney not only continues to say that the invasion of Iraq was the right thing to do, but of course he blames President Obama for the crumbling of the artificial government and unstable society that they pieced together with popsicle sticks and Elmer’s Glue. Continue reading

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Too Bad Judgeships Are Political Appointments and Not Based on Merit

Throughout the years that I practiced law (1974-2001), it never ceased to amaze me to see so many men and women sitting as judges who had no business being there. While most judges were intelligent people, there were some who clearly were not. Many judges viewed their positions as ones of immense importance to society and took the time and effort to consider all relevant evidence and to reach fair and reasoned decisions, based on the law. Many, however, did not care about justice, fairness, evidence, or the law. Many viewed their positions as vehicles to advance their personal, political, and sometimes religious beliefs. The vast majority of judges sitting in Los Angeles Country, and I guarantee in other metropolitan areas, were drawn from giant law firms and had spent their legal careers representing big business and insurance companies, or were career prosecutors who never saw an innocent person unfairly charged with a crime. These judges had the interests of corporate profit and claims denial, and law & order, foremost in their minds, and were more than willing to protect such interests, while denying rights and recoveries from middle class and working class litigants, Continue reading

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Bob McDonnell: A Lifetime of Treachery, Trickery & Deceit

It isn’t that Bob McDonnell isn’t a slimy sonofbitch whose word and ethics and honor and loyalty aren’t worth a confederate dollar, but rather that so many people were hoodwinked into believing the opposite. “Governor Ultrasound” as he was known for a couple of years, embodies everything bad about politics, from his holier-than-thou fanatical religious platform that promised to turn Virginia into a theocracy, which he pretty well accomplished, to his sell-out to big business interests as evidenced by his attempts, both successful and not so much, to turn over the state’s assets and governance to private business interests. Unlike the post-trial statements from prosecutors that it was a “sad time for everyone” rather than a time to celebrate, it absolutely is a time to celebrate, a time to stand up and cheer that McDonnell’s phony persona has been stripped away, and that he has been revealed as the lying, self-centered, egotistical thief that he is. Continue reading

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Dick Cheney’s Halliburton Thieves Off the Hook for Gulf Disaster

BP Deepwater HorizonFour and one-half years after the infamous BP/Deepwater Horizon oil spill harmed irrevocably the environment of the Gulf Coast, killed and maimed wild life, and destroyed the lives and livelihood of millions of people, one of the prime culprits in the disaster, dick cheney’s Halliburton corporation, is now off the hook for their considerable part in the disastrous event, for a mere pittance. Continue reading

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